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'Fortnite' and Its Pros and Cons + Tips for How to Get Them off the Screen!

This article will go in-depth about the new hit game 'Fortnite' and the lasting effects it has on kids and teens.

Fortnite WallPaper

By now parents, I am sure you have heard of the new hit video game that has taken the internet by storm. This new hit game is none other than Fortnite. Fortnite was released to the public on July 25, 2017. This game can be played on Xbox, PlayStation, computers, and even on mobile devices. This game allows kids to be able to talk to and communicate with online strangers. What makes this situation worse is the fact that the kids are able to send friend requests to these strangers, making them vulnerable to online psychopaths and child predators.  

Another negative effect of this game is the fact that it can also be played in school environments. Kids using school Wifi are able to play these games even in the middle of class. Teachers even during this past school year confiscated students smartphones and tried everything in their power to make the school a Fortnite free zone. "It's hard to describe how addictive it is, all my friends play it and I don't feel the need to play a game where I can get hooked on it," stated Steven Smithers, an upcoming senior at a local high school. The issue is when Fortnite released this game on mobile devices, they were not concerned about the kids and their education, they were more worried about their profit.

Another negative effect is it can cause mood swings. "When I tell my ten-year-old son it is time to get off he throws a fit and a tantrum," stated mum Suzanne (a concerned parent). Kids become so attached to the game and it can become an addiction. When they die they can try to make them not play another match but one thing leads to another and they can be on it for an entire day. In a recent online poll, 70-85 percent of parents say that their children spend over four hours on Fortnite in a single day.  

One final negative effect is the fact that kids can also charge money to your credit or debit card to be able to customize their avatar. "My friend's cousin spent over $500 dollars on Fortnite in one night," stated an anonymous teenager. This feature in the game should be more secure, for instance, they should send emails to the parents for what their children would like to purchase to confirm their payment. Kids shouldn't be able to pay for skins using your hard-earned cash. Revising this feature in the game could save you money and make sure your kids ask before doing something they know costs money. 

Enough of the negatives of this game, now it is time to move on to the positives of the game as well. For starters, this game is absolutely free for everyone (instead of PUGB which costs a chunk of change). Also, it can allow old friends to be able to reconnect online and chat. But again, strangers could always pose as someone you know so you always have to be careful about who you talk to online. Even though it may say someone you know, disregard that because chances are you may not know them. 

Another pro of this game is the fact you are able to have your own private server to play on. Parents, if you are worried about your friends playing on a full server with strangers, well don't worry, because Fortnite released a brand new mode called Playground mode. Playground is only available for four users to play on and talk to, so your kids won't have that chance playing with someone they really don't know. The best part about Playground mode is the fact that if you outlast your friends in the mode it counts to your overall stats as well.

Now it's time to move onto tips for how to get them off the screen. When your kid is giving you a hard time over the game and they say "Let me finish this match," that would be the time to either turn off the game or give them a stern warning. If they continue to disobey you, then unplug the game and take it away for several days. Millennials nowadays are different from the generation we grew up with. We need to know how to better discipline our children when it comes to technology and how to show them we are in charge. 

Another helpful tip would be to set them a time limit they will be allowed to play for. When you see your kids playing the game give them max one hour for every four to six hours to limit that addiction. If you let them play for several hours non-stop, it cannot only affect their vision, but it can also affect their sleep habits as well. Setting a time limit would be good to show them that you are the boss of the house. 

I hope you found this article helpful about Fortnite, now one big question remains. Will this game ever die out, or will it still be popular for years to come?

Tweets About Kids Complaining About Fortnite in Schools

kids complaining on twitter about Fortnite 

Here is a photo of tweets in March of Fortnite in school.

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'Fortnite' and Its Pros and Cons + Tips for How to Get Them off the Screen!
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