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Free Town and Adventure Ideas for a Tabletop RPG

The Town of Yif

As a relatively new game master, I always like to come up with little towns full of side quests and mysteries for table top RPG’s. I also have spent hours looking online for ideas and inspiration. This will be the first of many little examples of a town or village that can be used and edited to fit anyone’s own campaigns for a tabletop RPG. Welcome to the little village of Yif.

Yif is a hunter/trader village, not very many structures, but slowly growing. It is found in a grassland area near mountains and forest. However there is hundreds of tents and wagons. The land is rich with fire boar, owl bears, smaller dinosaurs, and other common wildlife.

Interesting Things Players Might Hear From NPC’s:

  • There is said to be a fire giant who is very old and is said to have created these fire boars as companions, but they have since spread and grown all over the place.
  • There is said to be a small walled off village who doesn’t like outsiders nearby, they are said to be curse so they stay to themselves.
  • Famous horseback riding soldiers train in the grasslands nearby. They are said to be very skilled and are being trained for a powerful military. (Insert whatever kingdom’s name you would like these horseback riders to come from.)
  • Deep in the woods near the mountains there are wisps who whisper tales of a pirate’s great treasure that was buried in a cave that they can take travelers too, but most don’t return and those who do say the road is too long or too dangerous.
  • There is a nearby mountain mining town who is said to have a weapons crafter who uses a magical wet-stone.
  • There has been more crime and deaths out in the woods lately. No one knows if its bandits or some beast, but people are being shredded and their belongings stolen.

The people of Yif who actually own the buildings are all fairly friendly due to their success thanks to all the travelers. They will be pretty forthcoming and helpful in pointing your players in the right directions. Some may even ask them to help with a job or two.

(Names of the people can be changed to fit whoever you want as well as their attitudes towards the players and other NPCs.)

Buildings and Their Owners:

  1. A crude cabin made and lived in by several Orcs. Kunrak Brone-Stomper is the war band leader of the small group. They enjoy the killing of creatures (much like orcs do) and enjoy hunting of bigger game.
  2. Centaur Housing (much like a big barn). Owned by Auntoni; a stern but respectful centaur who likes the peace his centaurs have with the travelers. Will provide centaurs as guides for hunts for the right price.
  3. Mages tent (magically bigger on the inside) is owned by a high elf named Eliss, has been banned from her people do to her falling in love with her husband Gnot, who is human. They live in this tent while also using it as a trading station/shop for their enchanting and healing abilities. 
  4. Blacksmith owned by Downtwig Ironboot, an old but talented dwarf. Is pricey because he knows traders will pay for his services.
  5. The Rusty Step Tavern and Inn owned by Roger Rustep. Roger and his family work and run the Tavern. They are all on the big and sturdy side as they have to be to deal with any troublemaking or drunk travelers.
  6. Meg’s Potion Shop owned by Meghan Stippik. Meg is a nice lady who is also a tinkerer and has magical sentry turrets around her shop. She makes and sells potions, but is mostly known for her healing paste that she makes from local plants.
  7. Yif’s Bank is owned and ran by Yif. Yif is a Halfling who used to be a wizard, but wasn’t that good at it and saw more money in his idea to start a trading town. He has much gold and silver from his time as a wizard and uses that to trade travelers for their pelts and goods from their hunts. He stores his money and goods in his bank and has connections in the kingdom nearby (insert name of biggest near kingdom) where he then sends these goods to get sold for more money to go back into the bank.
  8. Militia quarters owned by Yif. He has slowly been building up his own militia to act as guards or protectors. He has a feeling that Wes is going to be trying to take control of them soon and doesn’t like it.
  9. Food reserves are owned by Yif and Roger. They split the building cost and the cost of the guards. It houses the food sold in the inn and houses any meat that is brought into the bank.
  10. Runes of an old building that no one knows who built it or why. Has partial walls and an altar.

Wagons and tents cover the area around the buildings and you can have any traders or travelers who could cause problems or create quests.

This is just an example of a small town and some small possible quest line set-ups that I would like to share with everyone. I know how difficult learning to become a game master can be and how creatively blocked a person can get. Take this and expand on it, build a world around this town if you’d like; or just have it as side little own on the outskirts of a major city. Either way, I hope it was helpful and you and your group have a wonderful time.

A rough layout of the town (this is my own copy so I apologize for the handwriting):

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Free Town and Adventure Ideas for a Tabletop RPG
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