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Games That Time Forgot

What game was that again?

Salem & Rios: 'Army of Two'

We all know a video that we know and love. But, when it comes to telling a friend about it, they have no idea what game you are going on about. There are many reasons why a game is unknown or forgotten—not a big fan base, nothing worthy of remembering, wasn't good enough in the eyes of critics, or simply it was lost in the great never ending library of video games.

In this article I will be writing about the games that are forgotten, underrated and deserve to be played again.

Let's begin.

'The Army of Two'

With the first game of the series being released on March 4, 2008 by EA Montreal for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and PC,  Army of Two blew up our screens bringing action, humour and captivating characters. For this game we see Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem two solders of fortune dominating the military world with their skills, intelligence and humour. These two men are working on a contract in the East when they find out a contract has been put out on them to be murdered. As they try to clear their name of any wrongdoing they can't trust anyone but each other, as they uncover dark secrets about their work and those around them. The game scored a 70/100 or 7/10 with the critics.

We see them again in the second installment which is set in Shanghai a few years after the first game. The two now have their own company and again they are thrown into hell to stop a terrorist from releasing a bomb. This game contains tell-tale attributes which help control an ending for the player to choose. Which I think is a massive improvement. The game play was more immersive and creative as I was able to have an ending that I wanted; as well as Partner Artificial Intelligence (PAI) where the AI adapts to the players tactics and strategies as the game goes on

The game gets even more interesting at the release of the third game as one of the main protagonist takes a turn for the worse. The reason why I think this game is forgotten is because more and more action based games such as Call of Duty were released and these became a huge hit for new and old gamers, thus throwing Army of Two on the forgotten pile. While Call of Duty had the action, story line and characters, Army of Two had the sense of camaraderie, humour and again immersive gameplay. I was able to get my hands on these games again 10 years after its release and I can proudly say that it is just as fun as it was the first time I played which was when I was my very early teens.


European Cover Picture

Developed by Black Rock Studio for PlayStation3, XBOX 360 and PC, this dirty, grimy and fun filled racing game was released in the autumn of 2008. Pure brought tricks that were eye candy, intuitive controls for fluid driving, insane global tracks as well as many playable characters each with their own unique tricks. I remember playing this game for hours on end trying to master the Scorpion and the Skyscraper on the freestyle mode as well as customizing my characters and ATV. With an awesome soundtrack to go hand in hand you cant go wrong when it comes to this game. Well, you can when you crash your bike into every available tree like I did. 

Scoring 9/10 on Official XBOX Magazine and 8.4/10 with IGN you know that this game deserves to brought back of Game Vault 101 and thrown back into your console. With the release of many more racing games and free world games such Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto, there was no doubt that this games was going to be forgotten and sadly it was. I did try to get my hands on this game for old times sake but was unfortunate in my search as this game truly has disappeared of the face of the Earth, oh where, oh where has it gone?

Check out the trailer here.

'Dead Space'

Game Cover Photo

Now here is a game that will truly make you crap a brick. Dead Space is a series of three games which follows engineer Issac Clarke as he enters the world of Survival Horror in space as he takes on a nightmare of pure hell. First released in October 2008 by Visceral Games and EA, Dead Space sold over 10 Million copies within its first year worldwide. It was at number 12 in IGN's "Top 25 PlayStation Games." 

If anybody is a horror game fan like me, then you will know that this game caused some serious emotional and mental trauma, the atmosphere, environment and overall gameplay is enough to make you scream and hide but the same time entice you to play further. Once I finally had the courage to get my sorry butt out from behind the cushion. Dead Space 2 was also a massive hit on our screens as again it has the immersive gameplay, captivating characters and nightmare fuel as Issac is back better then ever with more ferocious fighting and tougher enemies 

The reason I think this game is no longer heard of is the release of its third game Dead Space 3, this game became more action based and lacked depth with its characters. The story overall was the best thing but again you need to be able to present that story in a creative way and for me this game lacked the presentation, which is why I believe this last game killed off the series and making it get lost in the video game library. Of course the creators did they this would be the last in the series, so we knew this series would eventually come to an end and be forgotten in time, but not as fast as it did because it didn't leave a good lasting impression. We didn't part on good terms.

But don't let my opinion change the fact that this game is still amazing and truly deserves a remake of some sorts.

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Games That Time Forgot
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