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Get the Most of Your Game's Soundtrack with the SOMIC G951's Vibrating Bass

It makes you feel like you're literally in the game.

Yeah, I'm a video game nerd, what are you going to do about it?

Just kidding, but I do get a bit defensive when people antagonize me over my obsession with gaming. Specifically, when it comes to me making sure I have all the latest in video game tech. Whether it's the latest gaming chair or the most expensive processor for my computer, I'm always up on all new gaming accessories out there.

That's why I wasn't so mad when my old PC headset decided to just crap out on me. Although, I was right in the middle of an intense match of Fortnite, and I couldn't even let my teammate know he was getting flanked. We ended up coming in second.

After the match, I shot my teammates a message letting them know I was on a mission—a mission to replace my old and decrepit headset. After doing some reconnaissance work, I came across the SOMIC G951. I wanted something powerful, cost effective, and, above all else, a headset with such great sound that I'd actually feel like I'm in the game. Well the SOMIC certainly checked all of those boxes, and I couldn't help but purchasing a pair. It's safe to say I made the right choice.

The SOMIC G951 provide an immersive gaming experience.

The first eye opener about the SOMIC G951 headphones was its ridiculously low price tag. I snagged it off Amazon for ONLY $35. I was ready and willing to shell out a cool $200 for a pair of high end headphones, but after I saw all of the features on the SOMIC, I realized I was still getting a high quality product that fits in perfectly with the rest of my high tech gaming equipment. I'm also able to use it for both my PC and and PS4, so I'm basically killing two birds with one stone here. The real difference maker when it came to this particular purpose was the undistinguishable quality compared to other headsets I've had in the past. I used to have a super expensive Turtle Beach wireless headset, and I can honestly say there is absolutely no drop-off with the far more cost effective SOMIC G951.

They provide impeccable sound effects.

The G951 literally make you feel like you're in the game. They utilize a high quality 40mm driver to help capture some of the impressive in-game sound effects in today's games. Whether it's easily detecting someone's footsteps in Fortnite, or listening to a bullet whiz by your dome-piece in Battlefield, the impressive device delivers a crisp, rich sound for all gamers. The only downside, I'd say, is being forced to hear my friend's mom yelling at him through party chat, because these things literally pick up EVERYTHING.

It even comes complete with noise-cancelling technology so you can basically block out everything that's going on around you. This is especially helpful when my girlfriend is yelling at me to get off of my PS4. I don't even have to tune her out—this headset does it for me! Needless to say, we're currently on a "break." She gave me an ultimatum and these headphones won out (along with my gaming lifestyle as a whole).

The microphone itself also comes with noise-reduction tech, so you whoever you're talking to won't hear a bunch of muffled noise. From what my friends have told me, everything I say is totally clear on their end, which is definitely a stark contrast from other gaming headsets I've had in the past. The microphone is also flexible, so if I'm talking too loud (admittedly, I occasionally do some drunk-gaming), I can simply move the mic further from my face. It stays in place too, which is definitely not always the case with some low end mics.

What will really immerse you into your gaming experience is the vibration of the headset. There is a built-in, high tech, audio frequency analyzer that helps identify in-game bass sounds, and in turn, matches vibration frequency to make you feel like you're literally in the game. Basically, the headset gives you a 4D experience unlike any other I've experienced. I've never been one to notice bass in games, admittedly, but it's really hard not to in this case.

The headset itself is totally adjustable, as there are a bunch of switches on the right ear—one to turn vibration on and off, one to turn the headset's cool LED lights on and off, one for volume, and one for the microphone.

It's comfortable, too.

An added bonus (which might be a deal sealer for some), is how comfortable this headset is. Most headsets I've had rarely fit perfectly on my large head, and even if it did manage to fit, it would be pretty uncomfortable. One headset literally pulled my hair out of my head every time I took it off. The G951 headset is lined with skin-friendly protein leather foam around both the earpieces and the adjustable top portion. It fits to perfection, and I can wear it for hours without even realizing it's on my head.

For the price, you simply can't beat them.

All things considered, you're not going to get a high-quality headset for such a low price anywhere else. As I said, I'm literally a gaming snob, so the fact that I opted for these should tell you something. I'm a hardcore gamer in every sense of the word, so I feel as if I'm someone who's word does go a long way with stuff like this (ask me about anything else, and you're probably screwed).

Even for those out there that don't typically like breaking the bank for expensive (and, admittedly, overpriced) gaming equipment like myself, this headset is even more perfect. You can be a casual gamer that plays a few rounds of Call of Duty every so often, or one that plays Diablo II for 14 straight hours (yours truly). It doesn't matter—this all-purpose headset DEFINITELY serves its purpose.

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Get the Most of Your Game's Soundtrack with the SOMIC G951's Vibrating Bass
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