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'Giants War' Beta Review

Developed by Singta; Published by Gamevil

I will begin this review making it clear that this is not a sponsored review.

With that out of the way, I can not recommend Giants War enough. Although its tutorial is slow and exceedingly long (as are many mobile gaming tutorials),  it quickly makes up for it with its fast past battles, beautiful graphics, as well as the replacement of the dreaded Energy based system, and instead choosing to use the in-game currency to not only buy/sell/upgrade items, but also preform the same function as energy in many of the Gamevil games we already love.

In further detail this feature, combined with a recharge-like feature that gives you gold if you run out, the amount depends on your base level. I am currently level 30 and receiving 3400 gold every few hours (only available when your gold balance is below current area exploration cost). This take on the energy system allows you many more hours of gameplay without having to wait for the standard recharge, all you have to do is sell unused and unwanted items and you're ready to go and continue your conquest. I, myself, have only had to use the in-game recharge feature four times in order to continue playing. I’m unsure of if this is due to increased drops for the game beta. We will have to wait and see.

Now that we have praised the game, let's not over look where it fails to impress and more so leaves you annoyed: the NPC item markets and PVP.

The NPC merchants are great, they provide a metric ton of items if you have the gold and are limitless in value to the success of your team. However, the way you access them simply gets in the way of your exploration. As everything else, you encounter the merchants on he exploration board. Even as you progress through the game, and the board gets bigger trough the areas with extra spaces, (between one and three extra spaces) the merchants just get in your way. Especially when you get three merchants at once, it’s completely unnecessary. I’d much rather see the merchant as a side menu that refreshes every so often or with the use of Gold/Gems, this may be inconvenient, but allows the exploration board to be of much more use.

The same goes for the PVP aspect of the game. In a similar fashion, you encounter other players and their teams. This provides a small amount of extra gold, and occasionally you fight another player's Giant giving you extra Eather and materials for your base. None of which really makes them worth taking up a space on the exploration board.

Overall, these two features are good to have but their implementation in this game make the exploration board crowded.

By the time you get to Area 5 (last available area in the beta) you have a minimum of five and a maximum of eight slots on the exploration board. So when you take into account random drops, random monsters, several types of treasure chests, four different kinds of merchants, and two different types of PVP, the forward momentum of the game comes to a grinding halt. And don’t get me started on the questing aspect of the game. However cool the system is (each hero you summon has several questing lines), when you have 33 different opponent options, but you need just one. It gets frustrating that you get merchants you can’t/don’t want to buy from, drops that don’t help you, and PVP battle with crap from rewards.

This game is fun, but not without its flaws. If you get past a few of the annoying mechanics, as all games have, this game is definitely worth the time you’ll put into it once you get hooked and start playing.

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'Giants War' Beta Review
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