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God Amongst Men

He's back and better than ever!

Kratos and Atreus

First and foremost, I should preface this article by saying that I have personally played all of the games in this kick-ass franchise. As a matter of fact, the original God of War was the first game that I ever actually played in my life. Not necessarily the best game a 9-year-old should be playing but what the heck! The new take on Kratos certainly has me pumped and stoked to pick up the controller on April 20th, 2018.

The transition from Greek myth to Norse has a lot of people skeptical and their worries are certainly warranted. The entire franchise has been solely Greek, but after that E3 reveal, the most recent story trailer and hours of research on Norse myth have me ecstatic to kick Odin’s ass. Kratos has kicked every meaningful Greek character’s ass and proven his reign by killing the entire Greek pantheon. It is entirely logical to pursue a change of setting and Kratos is certainly going to set out to do the same thing he always has, kill and ask questions later.

One thing I am really looking forward to is the change of weaponry. The infamous “Blades of Chaos” is such a signature staple to the character that he felt empty in my eyes during the trailers. Yet we have a change of camera perspective, fight dynamics, and introduction of combat assistance from our son. The new ax “Leviathan” certainly has the meaty and blunt force behind it when attacking enemies and I can't wait to chop my enemies down with that thing. I am awfully curious, though, as to what other weapons they can introduce and allow us to use through our adventure. Weaponry is just as important to this game as its narrative so Sony Santa Monica has their work cut out for them.

As a huge fan of the series and playing the games multiple times, I want there to be a reason to keep coming back. So aside from this God of War being the longest in the series, I hope they stack it with content and difficult trophies to accomplish! Yes, I am a platinum trophy hunter and there is no way that I won’t have that shiny trophy for my most beloved franchise!

A few things that I want to comment on are the editions of the game, and if you can’t tell by now, I am a huge fan of the series. So that being said when a collector's edition was announced, I scrolled over to Amazon and pre-ordered myself that collector's edition. I am not sponsored at all by the game or anything of that sorts but let me speak to you die-hard gaming fans. It’s okay to splurge sometimes on a game that has some of the longest development cycles in the business. I have had 7 years to raise $150 for my game and let me tell you something, my UPS delivery man is certainly going to have an eager video gamer waiting at the door stop.

This post is quite a rant and honestly, it is to share my hype with people with similar interests in this franchise. Kratos is back and in my eyes better than ever. I can’t wait for him to strap up, sharpen his blade, and go kick some Norse ass. I am really hoping for some really kickass boss fights. This franchise has always delivered on that so I am not really worried, more dying to get my hands in the fight. Chop them down one by one. April 20th can’t feel farther away, but my calendar is set and now we play the waiting game.