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Great Games That Us Parents Can Play with Our Children

Start small.

There are games that many kids can and cannot play; some of these games have grown to be addictive like Fortnite and Farcry. What do you think about children playing video games with their parents or a parent having a child push a button to do so? Whenever I would play Shining Force II, I would always let my son initiate the attack by pressing the attack button.

My goal is to get him interested in video games, it is a great stride for us parents to play games with our children because we’re either too busy playing video games ourselves or our kids are watching us play wishing they could. My son always watches me play and he even hums to some of the music that’s playing in the game.

That comes off to me as interest and as a parent, I want to invest time in teaching my son how to play. I admit, some of the games might not be up to a toddler’s standard or their knowledge of video games. But, I’ve been doing a little assessment and I’ve found plenty of games that my son and I can play together; these games are at the top of my list.

Shining Force II, for one, is a great game and since Kendrick doesn’t have much of an attention span for long term strategy games. I take advantage of his two-second attention span and let him press the button; he doesn’t need to really care about the characters’ back story.

Another game I believe is good for parent-child gaming is Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist. I was playing this game with my son a short while ago and again, I let him press the button to lay the card down; it intrigued him so much that he was trying to do it on his own. The best part is that now he knows how to turn on the PS3, he’s four.

My whole thing is getting him involved so he’s not just watching me play, but investing in the time to get to know my games so that he may one day grow up and be like, “I want to play video games as good as you dad.” I believe it is that time I give to my son to teach him how to play video games that he’s already taking that training and applying it elsewhere like being able to turn on a tablet.

My advice to all of you parents out there with young children, take your time teaching them how to play video games. Start them off with games that have one button presses, it’ll give them a sense of direction as far as what the buttons do and how they operate.

If it is their ‘destiny’ to one day grow to play games like Fortnite, then you can attribute that to the fact that you invested your time to teach them, I love doing it for the bonding because I’m trying to get my son interested in doing something other than playing alone by himself or being on his tablet all day. 

I get this might come off as bossy or pushy too and I get that but to me, there’s no greater gift than the time you spend with your child. Now, I’m not saying they’re going to become a wizard overnight, but it is a great start to a great path down the road.

Overall, they’re kids playing your games so be patient and above all enjoy it because one day there will come a time when they will surpass you; I’m looking forward to it because I love the idea of being able to pass my gaming knowledge onto my son and his future sibling. 

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Great Games That Us Parents Can Play with Our Children
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