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Guided Games Is The Future Of 'Destiny 2' - And It's THE Reason To Be Excited

Not only does 'Destiny 2' expand on several key features from the first game, it introduces a totally revamped social structure.

The upcoming sequel to Bungie's 2014 game Destiny just had a boatload of content revealed in a live stream event. Fans across the world learned about what was going to make Destiny 2 a new beginning and something that pro gamers and new gamers could join together to embrace.

It's exciting to see all the work that Bungie has put into developing the upcoming sequel, and it seems as though the team has truly been listening to the players about what they wished would have been available in the original. One of the greatest detriments to the game was that not every player could access the insanely addictive features like Raids and Nightfalls.

Previously, in Destiny, players had to often resort to third-party services to pair up with strangers to partake in the events, only to potentially miss out by another player flaking or details changing on who was going to join in the fire team. Destiny subreddits and dedicated services like DestinyLFG could help partner you up, but it was all very clunky and players didn't like it since it relied on console communication to actually finalize the partnership. If you didn't partake in these game modes then Destiny, to many, felt half-finished because of its online-only requirement and confusing social structure.

With such an emphasis on Raids and Strikes, many players gave up on #Destiny simply because they preferred to experience the game solo, myself being one of those players.

Destiny 2 is set to correct the in-game solo adventure.


Image Credit: Bungie

Now it may seem strange to be talking about a solo adventure after just talking about how being a solo player in Destiny felt half-finished for many, but Bungie seems to have figured out how to incorporate all players into everything that Destiny 2 has to offer in terms of game modes.

Not only does Destiny 2 expand on several key features from the first game, it introduces a totally revamped social structure, which makes the game more accessible; no matter how you choose to play - solo or co-op.

The clans are coming.

Clans were a major part of Destiny, even though they weren't necessarily accessible in-game. With Destiny 2, clans are incorporated from the very beginning and are in a sense the way that Bungie fixed the group-finding (fire team) problems with the first game.

By joining a clan in game, you now have immediate access to all your clan mates and can partake in Raids and Nightfalls but can also earn clan bonuses, which is new. So, even if you don't play regularly, your clan's progress will still earn you bonuses.

Yet, if you choose to not join a clan directly, which Bungie understands, it doesn't mean that you're excluded from Raids or Strikes because they are introducing a new feature called Guided Games.

What is a guided game?


For the solo player, as well as the co-op, the Guided Game is an incredible advancement in terms of experiencing the fullness of Destiny 2. Since clans have become an official element of the game, that encourage positive behavior - it makes matchmaking much easier. Guided games are essentially advanced matchmaking, and it offers perks to both solo and co-op players.

If you are a solo player and you want to experience the adventure of Raids and Nightfalls, you can search the active clans and join that clan for a singular mission. If your experience is good, you then have the opportunity to request to join the clan. But if you still prefer the solo play, you can continue on your own.

As a cooperative player, Guided Games will become a great feature because if you're short a couple guardians to attack a Raid or Nightfall - you can open your clan up and pick up solo players based on a desired level cap as well as style of play or even preferred character type.

Regardless of how you play, guided games will be the newest way for players to experience the games most rewarding content and never feel like they are isolated from the community. Guided games brings the community from outside of the game to the main gameplay, and it is going to be a huge benefit to all players new and old.

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Guided Games Is The Future Of 'Destiny 2' - And It's THE Reason To Be Excited
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