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'Halo 6' Will Need to Be Project Scorpio's Biggest Hitter at E3 2017

'Halo 6' will now set the stage once more for the hurdles Bungie will have to overcome.

October 27, 2015, proved to be a challenging day for 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios. It would become the day that one of the very few #Halo games created with Bungie somehow involved would release into the wild and attempt to captivate fans as others had. Halo 5 stood as game that Bonnie Ross, the general manager, stated that Halo 4 gave them an area to discuss where they would take the franchise, and that they heavily reflected upon the feedback from the fans in regards to their likes as well as their dislikes of the franchise.

It was also stated in a recollection that in 2012, game leads Tim Longo, David Berger, and Chris Lee would lay out their vision for the studios vision as well as creative standpoints while overcoming all technical hurdles that would be placed in their way for Halo 5. They would need to hardness the power of the Xbox One, the Microsoft Cloud infrastructures, and a chance at a much larger campaign than ever before. While the multiplayer spaces, player immersion, and frame rates would be a priority, Microsoft and 343 had much larger gaps drawn before them.

Now Project Scorpio at E3 Sets the Stage for the Announcement of Halo 6

Courtesy: 343 Industries

Just like before, Halo 6 will now set the stage once more for the hurdles they will have to overcome. They will need to harness the capabilities of the #ProjectScorpio due to its increased hardware capabilities, resolution depth, and the idea it can completely dominate in the market if Microsoft decided to ramp up their console to its fullest potential.

With Phil Spencer having announced the "Reclaimer Trilogy" for Halo, which is where Halo 5 takes place, it seems Microsoft seeks to expand the series of games, and have done so with a new piece of Microsoft hardware. With Halo 5 now approaching five years old, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Bonnie Ross take the stage once more to assist in such announcements to help push interest in both Halo 6 and Project Scorpio.

Halo 6 Will Need to Bigger, Better, and Batter than Ever Before

Courtesy: 343 Industries

While many know the conclusion of Halo 5: Guardians, which left the world in shock, there are still many others lingering around awaiting their chance to get their hands on the latest title. While Halo 5: Guardians certainly did a solid job at darting us around an unknown Promethean planet where the Covenant splinter-group known as the Storm have taken base. While Locke and John-117 definitely hooked it up a few times, Halo 6 will need to improve upon this fact. It will need to ignite the "Hunter vs the Hunted" theme that Halo 5: Guardians promised.

While we certainly will be struck with awe be the reveal of Project Scorpio, this latest installment will need to run 4K visuals, 60 frames a second, seamless interaction between multiplayer, cooperative, and even the highly competitive pro-league. Halo 6 will need to ensure that players aren't left on a hang-note, that they will need to be able to trust that the series will fulfill their needs between each installment. While multiplayer amazed with Halo 5 duck to its lack of a season pass, Halo 6 will need to carry this over with the addition of the fire teams.

When is Microsoft Taking the Stage?

While we can be certain Microsoft's man-of-the-hour (Phil Spencer) will be taking the stage, we can all prepare to set our eyes onto the live streams, as well as their streams on Sunday, June 11th, at 2 PM PT. There we will finally see what Microsoft has planned for Project Scorpio and what games we can expect to see launch this fall.

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'Halo 6' Will Need to Be Project Scorpio's Biggest Hitter at E3 2017
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