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He's the Gamer in the House

I try my best.

My husband is the gamer in the house and he says that it is for entertainment, but I say it is his coping mechanism with his mental illness. He is diagnosed with depression and high anxiety which I have seen from time to time. He has the urges to get up and do something or is in a hurry to get things done.

I love him to death and I know how the anxiety is because I, too, deal with it. My coping mechanism is writing books which uses my imagination and keeps me focused on one particular thing.

Whenever I see him playing his games, I know he is having issues and give him his space. He has lots of games and is most attracted to first shooter games with his favorite being God of War. Sometimes I actually sit and watch him play just because it tells a story and I love the graphics of his PlayStation 4.

He has had every console they have made the whole five years we have been married. When we got together, he had Xbox, then he upgraded to the Xbox 360. One year for Christmas when the new Xbox One came out, we went and bought him one, but he didn't like the graphics on it so he took it back.

He still has a PlayStation 3 and now a PlayStation 4. It is fun watching him play his games especially when he begins talking to the game. I find that very amusing even being in the next room from him where I can hear him.

When the Virtual Reality came out, he kept hinting around about it and I knew he wanted it. I made it an early Christmas present to him which he now has the bundle for. I have tried to play some of the games with him, but I am not good at shooting people.

The only game that I really enjoy playing with him is Crash Bandicoot. I love playing with him taking turns through the levels. I play computer games like those on Facebook. That is what relaxes me before bedtime. It winds me down, or at least I play until my medication kicks in.

I have not played video games on a console since Super Nintendo came out with Mario Brothers. Those games I could play forever because they make me think and remember things in the game in case I die and have to start over.

My husband has mostly virtual reality games now like Destiny, Doom, and Far Cry. He really doesn't have a favorite because he likes all of his games and looks out for the new releases to come out. The next one on his list is Darksiders III which comes out in November.

I always like watching him play a game for the first time because he thinks he is a know it all when it comes to games. He dies a few times at first until he gets what the game is wanting him to do. He always skips the storylines which I sit there and tell him to read them because most of them tell him what it is looking for.

Once he gets what the game is looking for it doesn’t take him long to beat the game. I have seen him beat a game the first day he gets it. Then, he goes back to playing his other games until he gets bored with them. I love my husband to death and will always give him his space when it comes to playing his games. It is what makes him who he is.

Be the Gamer you are, honey!      

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He's the Gamer in the House
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