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'Heroes of the Storm'

'Overwatch' Characters That Should Appear

There are many characters from the Blizzard series that have made an appearance. There are also many characters that have not yet appeared. Since Overwatch is the only Blizzard game that I know well enough, I will start with the characters from that game.

You may be free to disagree with me or ask why I did not add other characters, but the characters I have here are mostly my favorites from the game Overwatch.


The knightly hero of the Rhineland may be slow in battle, but he packs a wallop. If he were to be applied to Heroes of the Storm, he would obviously be of the Warrior class. If I could suggest what his ultimate attack would be, it would be either the stunning Earth smash move that he has in Overwatch or supercharged jetpack attack where he leaps into the air and then does an Earth smasher upon impacting the ground.


The leader of the Deadlock gang and former colleague of McCree, this femme-fatale is wicked deadly with her rifle, and when she summons B.O.B. you'd better watch out. Assassin class would probably be a good class for her. Her attacks could involve a rapid-fire rifle, a sawed-off shotgun that knocks opponents backward, and even her ultimate attacks could be a B.O.B. attack or bundles of dynamite.


The former colleague of Ashe and wandering gunslinger, McCree would certainly add some of the high-tech/old west feel to the game. What class he would be is a question. As for his skills, they are probably going to have to do any with the roll technique, and they could add the option of giving him two guns along with a deadly strike from his left arm.

In all honesty, I just love his character and I am not ashamed of that.


The sexy, yet deadly sharpshooter would definitely make her way in the Assassin class of the game. If she were to be put in Heroes of the Storm her grappling hook would have to be forfeited for something else. Maybe a poison shot? She has a poison bomb, so why not a poison shot. But what would her ultimate attack be? It can't be the infrared option, maybe it should be an exploding shell shot or a poison cloud exploding shell.


The goddaughter to Reinhardt and daughter of Torbjörn has many talents, but would still make an excellent member of the Support class. But what additional attacks would she be given? Would she have the jetpack charge attack as Reinhardt does? Would there be the option of adding spikes to her mace? Lots of options there. One thing is certain, though, she would still need to keep her healing ability.


Definitely one for the Assassins class, Reaper is as cold-blooded as one comes. His ultimate attack is impressive, but he is left vulnerable to attack. His teleport and phase-shifting ability that renders him indestructible proves interesting. But what other attacks could he have? Maybe if he is put in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard would solve that.


"Death from Above" should be what defines this Egyptian beauty. Armed with a rocket launcher and a jump jet ability, Pharah could certainly rain death down on opponents especially with her rocket barrage attack. Other attacks that could be given to her is the addition of napalm rockets or EMP concussive blasts.


"The Dwarf of the Future" is certainly what Torbjörn looks like to me. Nevertheless, he proves quite efficient with his lava gun and ability to make turrets. If put into the game, he could make multiple turrets or even have a more deadly molten core ability.


These are just my ideas for who should appear in Heroes of the Storm. Other characters from other Blizzard games have made an appearance, so there is no doubt that many more characters from the franchise will make appearances in the future.

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