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Hit Series 'Critical Role' Releases Fan Art Book

An Homage to Their Passionate Fans

If you even have a passing interest in Dungeons & Dragons then you may have heard of the series Critical Role. It's a live, multi-platform role playing show featuring Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer (Overwatch) and Vox Machina, a troupe of voice actors including Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us) who've worked on multiple nerd related projects. The show's engaging, funny, and Mercer makes for a very good Dungeon Master. So much so that people have been hooked ever since Geek & Sundry rolled out their first episode on YouTube way back in 2015. The premise back then was pretty simple, watch a bunch of nerds play Dungeons & Dragons. But it was much more than that. The stories they were telling together were compelling and it was just fun watching friends interact with each other while playing a classic tabletop game. 

It's now 2017 and the show is still going strong on Twitch and Alpha, a premium content platform, every Thursday at 7:00 PM Pacific racking up a total of about 53 million views since inception and counting. As an homage to their "Critter Community," their official fan group, Critical Role just released an awesome art book titled The Chronicles of Exandria Vol. I: The Tale of Vox Machina

The cast and team behind the show have curated this breathtaking book of over 250 artworks, to immortalize the epic tale that is Critical Role

A Great Homage to a Great Series

Dungeons & Dragons is all about imagination. You may be a group of friends sitting around a table, but the story you weave and the images you have in your head are as epic as things can get. Of course, fans had to translate this vision into art with their own interpretation of the group's adventures. Their fans are so fervent that Critical Role receives about 450 fan art submissions every month. 

“Week after week, the talented members of the Critical Role community reflect moments of our story back at us with their art, and gathering up all that passion in once place has been absolute magic," said cast member Liam O’Brien.“This book is a celebration of that magic and is a true demonstration of the impact that our community has had on all of us.” 

The Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer himself is a big fan of the book. 

Critical Role has been surrounded by an ever-growing, continuously incredible community that has truly defined what makes this experience so special,” said Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer. “The passion and talent inspired by our stories has elevated the tale of Vox Machina to heights I would have never imagined, and this tome stands as a love letter to this community, and as a keepsake to remember the epic adventures we all took together."

According to their latest press release, Geek & Sundry will be releasing a standard and limited deluxe edition of the art book. The standard edition, which will retail for $59.99, features cover art by renowned artist Joe Madureira. The limited deluxe edition, which will retail for $124.99, will be bound in red leather with a gold foil cover. The deluxe edition will also be printed on higher quality paper. That's not to say that the standard is sub-par, either. The deluxe edition just goes that little bit of extra for those super fans who really want a keepsake for all time. 

Whichever edition you get, you're guaranteed stunning artwork along with detailed readings of the gang's greatest adventures. 

To pick up your copy, just pop over to Geek and Sundry's website

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Hit Series 'Critical Role' Releases Fan Art Book
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