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How to Download and Install MODS for Your 'Sims 4' Game

Have you ever wondered how to install custom content onto your game?

A Sim Wearing a Custom Outfit

Do you watch YouTubers play SIMS or are a part of Sims groups online and wonder how they get different outfits, accessories, make-up and build mode items on their game? You've come to the right place!

What is Sims?

The Sims was first released on PC back in 2000. It is a life simulator, a game where you can make Sims (people) and control their lives! Build homes, have a career, build relationships, and have a family. The game has since expanded to PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox, in 2014 EA released the fourth installation of the franchise, and in October 2017 EA bought the fourth installation to PlayStation and Xbox. 

About Mods

A "mod" (abbreviation for modification) is an external add-on which you can download to your game, which in turn will modify your game. Mods can come in big and small sizes. Some will influence your game play whilst others will just change the way your sim looks. For example, you can download houses, traits, careers, clothes, make-up, hairstyles etc. Simmers download mods because they aren't available on the actual game. You can find them all over the internet. However, there are specialised websites for this, which we will get onto soon.

So, how do you download mods?


1. Find a mod you want.

You can find mods pretty much everywhere, I have found them on websites such as Tumblr, Reddit and Facebook! However, for an extensive range, websites such as and are extremely helpful.

2. Download the Mod

The Sims Resource (TSR)

Once you have found your mod, download it. If you're using a website such as The Sims Resource, you can click "see more and download" to begin your download.

Once you've downloaded the mod, depending what you've downloaded the mod will show on your computer as either a .zip file or .package file. If it's a zip file, right click on it and there should be an option to unzip it. If it's a package file, you don't have to do anything with it until you move it.

3. Move the .package file.

Where You Should Move the Files

Once you've downloaded your mod, you'll have to move it to the appropriate area for it to work on your game.

Once you've installed the Sims 4, you will have an "Electronic Arts" folder under documents (usually). Within this file, look for "Sims 4" and open it. After this, you'll see a whole range of folders, but you want to open the one that says "Mods." This is where you need to move your .package files. 

4. Open your game.

Game Options

If you open the game, they will not appear automatically. You will need to click on options, then to "other." Here it will show different options to tick. You must tick "enable custom content and mods" (mine has already been ticked). Apply your changes then restart the game. From then on, it should show a list each time you start the game listing your mods. If it does this, then your mods have been installed and you can play with them.

That's all there is to it! Happy Simming.

The Sims Resource offers a premium package where you can pay $3.50 a month. You will have access to features such as instant downloads, a download basket and no ads.

The Sims Resource VIP

This is where you can pay for the premium package offered by TSR.

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How to Download and Install MODS for Your 'Sims 4' Game
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