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How to Get the Dark Matter Camo in 'Black Ops 4'

The rarest camo in 'Black Ops 4' is Dark Matter. Today we will be discussing how to unlock it, and what steps are necessary in order to unlock this camo.

(Source: SeanEDawgz on youtube and Jespergram on Instagram)

What's Dark Matter?

Dark Matter is a camo in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It is statistically the rarest camo as it is the very last camo you can unlock in the base game (excluding zombies and DLC).

How to Get Dark Matter

The steps to obtain Dark Matter are just like in any other Call of Duty game. You have to get the Gold and Diamond camos for every single gun in the game by doing all their Performance and Tactical camo challenges. Then unlocking Gold and Diamond camo for every gun.

Performance Camos

Before we can get to the Tactical camos, we should talk about Performance camos. Tactical camos are locked until all Performance Camos are done. If you have done something that counts towards your Tactical Camo progression, it will not be counted when unlocked. (If you get a Bloodthirsty before you unlock the Bloodthirsty Challenge it will still count as no progression) The average Performance camo will require you to get up to 100 headshots, but the milestones leading up to it will be five, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, and 100 (nine unlocks in total). In special cases for some guns, the Performance Camo will be different. Some guns that do this are Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Rocket Launchers. For some Sniper RIfles, and for the Mog 12 Shotgun, you will need to get 100 one shot kills (go into the Hardcore game mode to make it one shot every time), and for Rocket Launchers you will need 100 scorestreak destroys (not Specialist Equipment). Once you have done all nine of these challenges you will automatically unlock five Tactical camos.

Tactical Camos

Like I said earlier, after completed all nine Performance camos, you will unlock five Tactical Camos. These Tactical Camos will consist of getting Bloodthirsty, Rapid Kills, Longshots, kills with and without attachments, and more specific ones for Rocket Launchers.

Bloodthirsty is a medal for reaching five kills in one life. In order to get one of the five you need, you will need to get all kills with the gun you are using—not with other guns, equipment, specialist weapons, and without scorestreaks.

Rapid Kills are kills that you get from killing two enemies in a rapid motion. In order for this to count you will need to also use the gun for both of your kills. You should kill both of them in under three seconds for it to count.

Longshots can be one of the hardest ones to complete. You will need to get 10 Longshots in order to get its camo. Guns are varied for each gun.

You can also complete the 50 kills with and without all attachments along with the Tactical camo you are aiming for. For kills with all attachments, you will need to unequip everything and only equip the gun, one sight, three primary weapon wildcards, and five more attachments. The total points will be 10, so you will not have anymore points to spend on your class.

Rocket Launcher’s Tactical camos will be different compared to any other weapon. The camos for launchers is kill 10 players with your launcher, destroy five scorestreaks in a single game, destroy two Scorestreaks rapidly, destroy five Sentries, Sniper's Nests, Mantists, Attack Choppers, and/or Gunships. The final challenge will be to destroy 25 specialist equipment.

How SeanEDawgz Got Dark Matter

Dark Matter Tiers

(Source: SeanEDawgz on youtube and Jespergram on Instagram)

(Source: SeanEDawgz on youtube and Jespergram on Instagram)

(Source: SeanEDawgz on youtube and Jespergram on Instagram)

(Source: SeanEDawgz on youtube and Jespergram on Instagram)

(Source: SeanEDawgz on youtube and Jespergram on Instagram)

(Source: SeanEDawgz on youtube and Jespergram on Instagram)

(Source: SeanEDawgz on YouTube and Jespergram on Instagram)

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How to Get the Dark Matter Camo in 'Black Ops 4'
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