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How to Upgrade the Bowie Knife in Voyage of Despair in 'Black Ops 4'

For a long time, we haven't gotten any upgrades to knives or Bowie Knives... until today. I will teach you how to obtain this weapon in this article.

Click the Link Below to Watch the Video Tutorial

How to Get the Upgraded Bowie Knife

As MrRoflWaffles says in his video, you will need to get the Bowie Knife (see below to find out where the Bowie Knife is), and then wait until around round 12 to 15 when the Blightfather spawns. If it is already after round 15 you can still get this upgrade when the next Blightfather spawns, but will be more harder to obtain due to the higher rounds. Next, after a Blightfather, has spawned you will need to knife the Blightfather until you get an animation where the Bowie Knife flips just like when you first get it. This process will take around 10 Bowie Knife melee hits. If you do not shoot the Blightfather with your gun, you will get more health on him and have a higher chance to obtain the upgraded Bowie Knife. Note that you don’t need to fully kill the Blightfather to get this animation, you just need to knife it. The animation will not show any sparkling colors like any other guns do when Pack-A-Punched (upgraded). It will display the camo if you have one equipped. After you have this upgraded Bowie Knife it will deal more damage and do a special attack where it one shots a zombie and sometimes spawn a nuke. This will need to charge and will not activate if you have not waited for some time, but this will really help out when you're going up stairs or get stuck in a corner with a zombie in your way. You can just one shot it. The zombies will explode in vomit just like what the Blightfather spits out, but this will not harm you.

What's the Blightfather?

The Blightfather is a special type of zombie that can be spawned naturally. The Blightfather can be spawned only in these maps: IX Voyage of Despair, and sometimes some zombie areas in Black Ops 4’s new game mode Blackout. As I said above, the Blightfather will spawn around rounds 12 to 15. Much like Catalyst Zombies, they spawn in by transforming from a regular zombie to a giant Blightfather, killing the original zombie that it spawned in with. The Blightfather has three main attacks. Those attacks consist of a melee attack if you’re too close, a medium range attack where he vomits on you, and a grappling attack were he grabs you with his tongue and vomits on you. The Blightfather will also vomit on doors, traps, and wall weapons, making them unable to purchase (visible by yellow particles), costing 500 points to remove, and more to buy the interact-able. The disablement is much like Brutus in the aether storyline.

What's the Bowie Knife?

The Bowie Knife, like in most Call of Duty games (that has Zombies in it), can be purchased in any map for the cost of 3,000 points. It will one shot zombies until round 10 and it will one shot Crawlers up until round 12 (1,150 damage). The Bowie Knife has two spawn locations that you can choose from. The first location for the Bowie Knife is on the opposite side of the dining hall near the Ra Tower. The other Bowie Knife location is where the first class lounge next to the Zeus Tower. The Bowie Knife will look silvery and will be about one-foot long compared to other wall guns.

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How to Upgrade the Bowie Knife in Voyage of Despair in 'Black Ops 4'
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