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'Hunt Showdown': Review

A Twisted Hunting Game on a Whole New Level

I recently started playing Hunt Showdown after I bought the game and I really enjoy the game. The game is still in 'Early Access' so some stuff is buggy and the ranking system is a bit out of place, but overall the game is great. There is some story development but not much at the current moment.

Hunt Showdown is a game created and developed by Crytek, same company that made the Crysis series. The engine they used is called Cryengine. They hope to release the game some time in 2018.

You play in the good ol' Louisiana fighting zombie like monsters, collecting bounties, and of course...fighting other players. You can also have someone be your partner in crime to hunt down the bounties or your enemies or perhaps go in alone and hunt them yourself. Hunt Showdown is known for having PVP and PVE mixed into one game mode. You have an objective, you hunt down big monsters and collect their bounties to make some money to buy more weapons, better hunters, better equipment, and better consumables.

You buy hunters and take them into battle, one by one by one. Each hunter you escape with, you level them up and get some perks for that hunter. Here is a example:

Rank and Traits

These are my hunters and their ranks (I have not played in a while so I'm lacking). Rank and Traits are really important to your hunter, especially if you want to survive with this character more because he's either:

A: Your favorite


B: Your most lucky character and wish to keep him (Like what I'm doing now)

When you level up your hunter, the hunter will earn 'Traits' which are used to get perks which I squared. Traits help the hunter while in the field, help them regain stamina faster, throw axes or sledgehammers that are found throughout the map, or help you aim better with long scoped rifles.

The Weapons, Equipment, and Consumables

Now lets get down to the favorites for most people... the weapons—the weapons go back to the western style of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Alongside some custom weapons that were made in game, some weapons will have blades, some scopes, and other stuff to make it better and more cool looking.

The weapons are pretty well made, if I say so myself (personally I like the shotguns more). The equipment is basic stuff like first aid kits, knifes, and spyglasses (if you need em)— but you can only carry three different equipment items.

The consumables are basic as well, healing syringes, firebombs, traps, etc. It's the same for the equipment, you can carry three different consumables. These items are important for your survival against the monsters or other players trying to attack you.

Spider Bounty

Well... the spider is one thing that creeps me out the most in this game. The spider is a boss monster or bounty that you need to fight to gain the bounty or bounties that it carries. The spider is... well a spider but if you look really close the spider has a human face, the spider in my opinion is like a morphed human that was turned into... well that.

Overall, the spider is fast, agile, and immune to poison. So no poison against it because well... it shoots poison or poisons you if it gets close to you. So overall... kill spiders... all of them.

Butcher Bounty

The butcher bounty is honestly... really scary and hard, here is why. The butcher is a big bounty boss that is large and resistant. He is immune to fire which sucks, but the easiest way to take him down is to use shotguns and explosives.

The butcher is a weird looking monster, as you can see in the picture. No real story with the butcher, other then he is a messed up monster like every other enemy. The butcher is tough and really hard to kill, he does a lot of damage and can make his weapon be on fire.

So personally... keep your distance and you will be fine, and he also carries two bounties just in case you have a friend that comes along and gives you a hand.

Alright well, that's my review and overall it's a great game with some interesting gameplay and mechanics. I honestly can't wait for The story, like how the monsters got to what they are and the stories for the boss monsters. I do believe it's only 30 dollars on Steam, if you guys want to check it out.

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'Hunt Showdown': Review
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