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I Tried the Arozzi Vernazza Series Gaming Chair and I'm Never Going Back

After multiple bad experiences with gaming chairs, I tried the Arozzi Vernazza Series Gaming Chair and I'm never going back.

Comfort is crucial when gaming. Like collapsing into a soft bed with firm pillows after a long day of work, or going on a run in your favorite sneakers, you're at your best when these accessories fit your preference. If you’re like me, you probably spend more time playing video games than you do running, and sleeping just barely has the lead between all three. And also if you’re like me, you probably got your start in gaming in the living room on a big couch, or your dad's extra large reclining chair, or, in times of great need, the floor. 

Alas, growing up comes with necessary realizations, like that you should probably be spending more time running and sleeping. Even more importantly, you come to realize that playing video games while sinking into these non-ergonomic cushions for lengthy periods of gaming results in little more than back pain and loss of focus as you constantly readjust your ever-sinking body in between matches of Call of Duty or Fortnite. Something has to give, so let's make sure it isn't your posture.

I set out with the goal of finding a seat that allows me to maintain a rigid posture while not sacrificing comfort. My first thought was to try using a padded office chair; but let's face it, office chairs hardly offer anything in the way of ergonomics as you remain static at your desk, let alone for long sessions of gaming with constant motion.

So I turned to gaming chairs. Specifically, chairs designed after professional racing chairs for their shape and ergonomics. As I moved up the ladder of brands from GT Racing to DX Racer, I repeatedly found myself having the opposite of the problems I was facing on dad’s leathery sofa couch. I'm a thin guy, and I was too firmly stuck, sitting on what felt like wood wrapped in leather, enclosed in narrow seats that felt like rollercoaster ride harnesses on my sides. After a long search, I finally arrived at the Arozzi Vernazza Series Gaming Chair.

The Specs

The Vernazza series comes with all the features one can expect from today’s gaming chairs, as well as features and functionality reserved for high end chairs. The seat height and backrest angle are adjustable, with the backrest able to recline up to 165 degrees—an angle I hope no one is actually gaming at. The armrests are adjustable in three dimensions, meaning they can be moved higher or lower, rotated left or right, and pushed further or closer to the gamer, a feature markedly lacking from lower end seats. The seat comes with two detachable pillows, one for the gamer's head and the other located at the base of the backrest for lumbar support, each with adjustable heights and removable padding to increase/decrease firmness. The backrest also has rocking functionality, and comes equipped with adjustable rocking resistance and several lockable tilt positions. I found myself constantly tweaking these settings to meet my needs based on the type of game I was playing, and its likelihood of me rocking back and forth in frustration/immersion. Lastly, the Vernazza comes in 6 colors, each with a black base. 

Setting the Vernazza Gaming Chair Apart from Others

Simply put, this chair is way more comfortable. This is Arozzi’s widest chair, and it has found the perfect middle ground between the compression of other racing chairs and the wideness of an office chair. Where I felt constricted by the GT Racer, here I had space without having to stretch out to reach armrests. As a tall fellow, I was relieved when the wideness did not come at the cost of a high backrest, which my head is able to rest on naturally. More notable to me is that this is a softer chair. The cushions do not fight back when compressed and, while nowhere near as soft as Dad’s old sofa chair, the Arozzi Vernazza has a softer structure than what has become expected from gaming racing chairs.

Where my other chairs put durability above comfort, Arozzi has placed both in equal importance, and surpassed the competition in both. I attribute this to the chair's higher foam density, an indicator of quality and durability in furniture compared to other brands in the price range. The result is a chair that only moves when you want it to. Armrests are not loose and finicky, rocking intensity is in my control, and I am comfortable without needed to readjust myself.

Final Thoughts

A gaming chair is an investment. Done right the first time, a gaming chair can last 10-15 years. Done wrong, you will be ordering a new one in a month. For me, comfort is the name of the game. Sitting in and getting out of my gaming chair should feel as easy after four hours as it does after 30 minutes. Arozzi understands that a good gaming chair is customizable and adaptable without sacrificing a base level of comfort. Before long, you will be wondering if it is worth getting a second chair for your office. Just remember: Of course it is.

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I Tried the Arozzi Vernazza Series Gaming Chair and I'm Never Going Back
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