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If There Is an 'Injustice 3'

Here are my ideas for who should appear.

There has been a lot of discussion around the internet about a 3rd instalment of the popular Injustice series.  Here is a list of the many ideas for who I think should make an appearance in the game.

Waylon Jones aka Killer Croc

The Crocodile man himself has made cameos in both Injustice games.  Once in Arkham Asylum stage in the first Injustice and in the Batcave in the second game.   So why not put him in as a regular character?

Wonder Girl

Though she was not in the games itself, she was in the comics and had joined sides with Batman against Superman's regime.  Since she was in the comics, having her would be a nice addition to the Injustice series.

John Constantine

He made an appearance in the Injustice comics as part of Batman's insurgency against Superman but was not in the game.  So why not have the noted detective of the occult in the video game?


The mother of Wonder Woman certainly had her disappointments about what her daughter did in the Injustice universe.  Maybe have her make an appearance to not only scold her daughter, but also take back the mantle of Queen of the Amazons and have the unfortunate duty of beating her daughter bloody for it.

Artemis Bana-Mighdall

The thing about her is that she never makes an appearance in either comics or even a cameo in the games.   Why not give the Amazonian battle-sister of Diana Prince a role in the game?  She could fight alongside Hippolyta in reclaiming Themyscira.

Atom Smasher

In the first Injustice game, he was seen battling Giganta in the background of the outside area of the Hall of Justice.  He didn't appear in the second Injustice game, so why not have him appear in the third instalment of the game?

Red Tornado

He wasn't in any of the Injustice games and in the comic he was seen in a vision of Superman's life had things gone differently.  Certainly, Red Tornado could be given a chance at a much larger role in the DC Injustice series.

Etrigan the Demon

I know Jason Blood was killed off in the Injustice universe.  But what about his better half, Etrigan the Demon Knight?  Would he want revenge for the death of his human partner? or would it be Jason Blood/Etrigan from the Earth that never had the events of Injustice?  Either way, I think the Demon Knight himself would make a nice addition to the Injustice/DC universe.

Miss Martian

Martian Manhunter had made his appearances in the first Injustice game, but what about his female counterpart?  The prettiest member of Young Justice could fill in for J'onn J'onnz, even though she was never in the Injustice games or the comics.

Roy Harper aka Red Arrow

The protege to Green Arrow made an appearance in the Green Arrow of the first Injustice game.  Considering that his mentor had been killed in the Injustice universe, I would think that Roy Harper would want revenge against Superman and his regime.

Ra's Al Ghul

The Demon's Head himself made a cameo in Black Adam's ending of the first Injustice game.  Putting him in the third game certainly would expand the Villain pool, not to mention that after the fall of the Regime and the defeat of Brainiac would certainly open things for the League of Assassins.

Captain Boomerang

The slick Aussie and rival to the Flash have appeared in the comics but not the Injustice games.  Given that there are off-screen moments of him throwing his famous boomerangs don't really count.  It would give Flash fans like myself face-off between the scarlet speedster and another one of the Rogues.

Jesse Quick

The fastest woman alive should have the luxury of appearing in the game.  She did not appear in the Injustice comics and she made only a cameo at the end of the Flash's story in the first Injustice game.  Having two speedsters is better than one.

Reverse Flash

The most infamous Flash villain of them all appeared in the comics and in the video game yet why not give him a much larger role in the third installment of the Injustice series?  Certainly, it would be cool in the main storyline to see him go head-to-head with the Flash. 

Vandal Savage

Without the regime, who else would want to rule the world?  The immortal tyrant Vandal Savage would.  Can you imagine have a villains faction where you can pick either the side of Vandal Savage or Ra's Al Ghul?  It would sound interesting, because who wouldn't want to fight someone who has centuries of knowledge and combat experience?

Scandal Savage would

The daughter of the immortal tyrant Vandal Savage would certainly make a fine addition to the Injustice universe.  Would it not be interesting to see her go toe-to-toe with her father?


Making a cameo in the first Injustice game in the prison fight scene, Superman's rival should get a larger role in the Injustice universe.  Whether he fights the Man of Steel or not, he still could give Supergirl a run for her money.


The former assassin of the Order of Saint Dumas has yet to make an appearance in the Injustice series.  So why not start now?  Working alongside Batman/Bruce Wayne to bring order back to a world that rid itself of Superman and Brainiac, only to be threatened once more by another evil force that wants to rule, would prove Azrael's worth in the Injustice universe.


Without the Joker in the Injustice universe and some of the other Bat-villains having already made an appearance, adding the psychotic pyromaniac certainly would fire things up (no pun intended) for the Injustice universe.

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