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If You Like '', Try ''

The Basics of ''

So the first on my travel through some of my favorite Agario style games is If you are interested in playing, just stop by the webstite where all my .IO collection will go.

So the reason I'm starting with the Lordz game first is it is the game that I have considered mastered personally. In other words I have made the leader boards a few times, and held them for hours. So what is Lordz, and why would one play it? is a game where you build up your army by building and planning your base. Certain types of bases do different things, which I will go into slightly later. 

Types of Men/Towers, And Their Quick Keys

(C): This is the gold mine. This is the building you will place on the rocks with gold/yellow bits all over. It harvests about 5 coins a second and costs 250 coins.

(E): Houses for your army. They have very low health and only provide lodging for about 35 units. It costs 250 coins to place.

(R): This is the archer tower. It is the cheapest defense tower. Its firing rate is really fast and its health is standard, with low damage. It is best to keep them together, with more than one tower to make it more useful. It costs 500 coins.

(F): This is the mage tower. The mage tower is a slow shooting tower that shoots out purple circles of pain. This tower does devastating damage to units and costs a pretty penny at 1500 coins per tower.


(T): Is the smallest and weakest unit. They are best used for getting an army started, as they are cheap most buy up as many as they can to aid in coin collecting as you can get two units per coin. They cost 15 coins per unit and take up one unit of space.

(Y): This is equivalent to a knight. It has a small health pool, with a better attack than the previous unit. They cost about 100 coins and are the next step up in getting a stronger army. These men take up two housing units.

(U): This is the archer. They don't have much health but they make up for it by being able to attack from afar. They can make a good defense against new players trying to take you over, and help alert you to a threat you might not immediately see on your screen. They cost 125 coins and take up four units of housing.

(I): These are like your vikings/gladiators. They have a good set of health and melee damage. This is a later game unit for those that need more protection and don't really need a bunch of the beginner units. These units cost 500 coins and take up five housing units of space.

(M): This is the brand new Mage unit released in Feb 2018. I have not played with it to really give a good background on its health and stats. It is a range unit and costs 750 coins.

(O): Dragons, who doesn't love dragons? For good reason as well. These are the strongest units in the game and owning one costs a fortune of 5000 coins. These are late game units that take 15 housing units. They are strong, with high health and ability to be a ranged weapon. Owning a bunch of them is helpful in fighting off the top players.

(P): The siege weapon. This is my favorite weapon in all of the game. This weapon is used in sieges taking a massive chunk out of a defense tower or housing. It costs 1000 coins and takes ten housing units. If you are a siege type player this is the weapon for you.

Types of Bases

Heavily Defended: These bases tend to have a high amount of defense buildings intermingled with houses. These bases are hard to defeat and put up a good front to defend an attack. The down side is generally you will not be able to handle the 1000 Max men as you will invest more in defense to keep your houses then houses itself.

The Circle of Pain: These types of bases tend to be in a square/circle, with defenses on the outside and houses in the middle. Generally you have a pretty heavily guarded base that is annoying to try and defeat, and a healthy army set up. The main issue with this build, especially if you are in a tribe/clan, is the houses become vulnerable the farther away the defense buildings are, often leading to an attack from a rival taking out your houses while not getting hit as often with your towers. I have personally used this to my advantage on multiple occasions!

Cris-Crossed: This is a build I often do as it gives me a balanced play. I've seen a few others use this build from time to time as well. This is when you start out with a cross shaped defensive line, and place the houses snugly in the cross sections. Once the houses reach the outskirts of the cross section edge them out again with defensive towers and build out from there. This allows for protection but also allows for a good amount of army. I normally max out at about 600-700 men which helps protect the base. The issue with this build is you have to be a little closer to help protect it as it is relying more on men then defense.

Scatter Brained: This is a very common build with the addition of the mines. This is when you build up around a gold mine with defense towers, farming money to help "feed" your army. Some players will build a smaller base away from the mines, while others will build mini villages around the mines. This is good for collecting money and being able to stay stationary for the most part. The negative is these builds are really easy to pick off of as there is usually weak defenses and no one there to protect them.

This also is a strategy for people wanting to build up an army fast. Players will sometimes build houses at random with no protection and gain a quick army. The issue with this is that they are impossible to protect, and really only a quick way to getting some men and money before settling down. I personally seek those types of players out and make easy money off their inability to protect themselves, and my ability to not lose any men.

Other Aspects

Gems: As you play, the longer you play and the more you play, the more gems you get that can be used to decorate your men in different skins.

Clans/Tribes: Tired of being beaten by everyone? Maybe try joining a clan/tribe and help protect the base(s) of your fellow team mates.

Connecting/Saving: With this game, you can connect your Facebook or Google Email to save your data and gems so that you can continue playing.

If you like this post about Lordz and would like to know some of my strategies and how I became Lady Iriza, I will post them in my next issue of .IO games. 

Types of Bases

Gallery uploaded in order of posted bases. =)

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