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Injustice 3 (Again)

More Characters That Could Be Added

Hello again, just thought I should add some more character ideas to the possible third instalment of the popular DC comics-based video game.

I thought I had all ideas for characters covered, but then it occurred to me that I forget some.  There was also the fact that I should do a second piece about it so I wouldn't put the readers to sleep or give you the impression that I was overextending myself.

I do realize that many of you may disagree with my choices on this post and my other one.  Unlike the Orange Fuhrer, I can handle your criticism, just keep them clean.


With Superman out of the picture (See the Batman ending to Injustice 2) there will be a need for a new world order.  Many villains are going to want the planet to themselves and there will be heroes wanting to prevent that.

The Shredder

Seeing that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made an appearance in Injustice 2, why not have their must fiercest enemy make an appearance in the next installment of Injustice?  Without the regime, it would not surprise me that the Shredder would want a piece of the planet.

Per Degaton

The DC equivalent of Red Skull and sworn enemy of the Justice Society of America, Per Degaton is a force to be reckoned with.

With the end of the regime, there will, of course, be a need for a new world order.  Per Degaton, of course, would want to be one amongst many DC villains wanting to take over the world.

Wild Cat

Being a member of the Justice Society of America, Ted Grant could truly throwdown with the Justice League with his boxing skills and his tough guy attitude.

It also would be nice to see him go toe-to-toe with Per Degaton.  I also think having another member of the Justice Society of America (Doctor Fate was in the second) make an appearance would make a nice addition.


The beautiful yet deadly assassin could be working for one of the villains in the third game, which one would it be?  Certainly, you could have the option of which bad guys you could work for with her and the other freelance villains.

Having another female villain (Poison Ivy and Cheetah being in the second) would certainly expand the femme fatale category of the game.


The Secret Six member and former lover to Cheshire, this anti-hero has yet to make an appearance, why not give him a chance?  Throughout the comics, he has proven to be quite fierce in a fight. He could be working for one of the villains or even be blackmailed into working for them? 

It would certainly be humorous to see how he and Deadshot respond before the fight, even more so when he goes up against Catwoman.

Lady Blackhawk

Since Black Canary has already been added to the Injustice video games, why not have another Bird of Prey? Lady Blackhawk would be my choice because quite frankly she hasn't gotten enough attention as the other birds do in popular culture, plus it would nice to have more gun-wielding characters in the game.


Whether the game features Buddy Blank or Kevin Kho, OMAC would certainly bring a lot to the Injustice universe. The use of Brother Eye as part of a special move would also bring some punch.

How OMAC would be used is the question.  It could be where he was developed to help enforce order and hunt down the remnants of the Regime.  It could also be where Buddy or Kevin would be trapped in the OMAC form as he comes to the post-Regime earth.

Laira Omoto

Having another Green Lantern would be a nice addition to the Injustice games, especially if that Lantern is a female.

In the comics, she had to give up her power ring and since then, there has been no word of her.

She could have been reinstated by the Corps to help bring peace to Earth and help Hal Jordan establish a defence against space invaders.  Darkseid did make an appearance in the second Injustice game, so why not have her?


She made a cameo appearance during the Hall of Justice outside, battling Atom Smasher.  Giving her an appearance would once more expand the ranks of femme fatales in the series.  It would also make one wonder what her motive would be for helping the bad guys.


Since Darkseid appeared in the second Injustice game, adding another character from the depressing world of Apokolips should spice things up.  He could be leading one of the many factions, wanting to take over the post-regime Earth.

Wally West

The young protege of the Scarlet Speedster was seen in the Flash's ending of the first Injustice game.  Another speedster ally to the Flash would certainly make another nice addition to the third installment of the Injustice series.

Black Flash

The reaper of speedsters has yet to make an appearance in the Injustice universe, so why not give the creature a chance at an appearance?  I already posted a suggestion how Eobard Thawne AKA Reverse Flash should make an appearance.

What purpose the reaper of speedsters in the game would be the question. Perhaps the creature could be after the Flash as punishment for using the Speed Force to help the regime.


Having yet another Flash villain would certainly make the hero of Central City sweat.  Having another speedster villain would add to the tension in the game and would probably lead to an interesting plot.

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