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Into Video Games

Another in the "Why Not Do These?" Series

Welcome back to another installment of the "Why Not Do These?" series.

Today's piece is on anime and manga that should be made into video games.

I just recently started reading Goblin Slayer and I just love it. I have also been reading One Punch Man and it, too, is an awesome anime series. There is also Hokuto No Ken and Berserk, man, how I love this anime and manga.

But I am not here to discuss my favorite anime, manga, and comics. I am here to discuss ideas about video games based off of them. Let me share with you my ideas.

'Goblin Slayer'

I am aware of how I told you that I just started reading the manga of this, but I still think this series has the potential to be a video game. The makers of the game, however, "may" have to dial it down on the Goblins raping women. I just hope they don't dial it down on the violence because the manga was meant for mature audiences.

'One Punch Man'

I know the idea of having a hero taking out various villains with one punch may sound somewhat boring. But why not give Saitama a chance at the video gaming world? The game could include Genos, Atomic Samurai, Puri Puri Prisoner, and other heroes from the manga.

The game could be an open world play where Saitama or the others heroes take up contracts to improve their ranks. Such villains would be Carnage Kabuto, the Sea King, or even my personal favorite, Lord Boros.

'Lone Wolf and Cub'

The disgraced executioner to the Shogun and his child have walked a hard and lonely road to try to prove their innocence, as well as having to fight off the evil Yagyu clan. With there being multiple movies, TV shows, and manga, why not give Ogami Itto and Daigoro a chance at a video game? Having to swing Ogami's Dotanuki around while controlling Daigoro as he wanders around like the curious dickens that he is, how can one not want a game of this?

'Golgo 13'

The famous anti-hero/sharpshooting assassin has been in manga, an anime series (which they need to do again), and movies (including a live-action one where he was portrayed by martial arts legend Sonny Chiba); plus, two Nintendo games.

Since then, however, there have been no video games of the biblically named assassin. There should be one. It could have multiple missions and submissions, different kinds of sniper rifles to get the job done, and side weapons in case things get heated, but one thing they cannot leave out of the game is the time he spends pleasing women in between jobs. 🙂

'Sakigake!! Otokojuku'

The spartan school for juvenile delinquents has had several spin-offs after the conclusion of the main series. Video games of the series have been released as fighting games, but not in the United States.

There needs to be a US release of the game, and if it's not a fighting game, what about an open-world, beat-em-up, Yakuza-style game? Either way, it would not be much of a game if there wasn't the Otokojuku-style humor that made the series so great.

'Samurai Deeper Kyo'

Taking place in the early Tokugawa period of Japan, the female bounty hunter Yuya Shiina meets medicine peddler Kyoshiro Mibu who turns out to be sharing a body with Demon Eyes Kyo, who slew a thousand men during the Battle of Sekighara. Along the way, they meet up with Benitora and together they fight against the evil Mibu clan.

I don't see why they haven't made this a video game. Granted they had a fighting style version released for the PS1, but that was only in Japan. Another one was released as the last game for the Game Boy Advanced, but still, there could be another one with a North American release for the PS4.

'Bubblegum Crisis'

This awesome anime has hot chicks in exo-suits with good music battle, the evil Genom corporation, and their line of Boomers, but has never had a wide release as a video game. The only ones that ever had been released were Crime Wave for the PC-88 and Bubblegum Crash for the TurboGrafx-16. So, don't you agree that this classic piece of anime should be made widespread for either the PS4 or Xbox One?