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It's Easy to See Why People Continue to Love 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Photo Mode


Reminiscent of an arcade skill test game, these days the chance of receiving a standout AAA title equates to slim pickings. After catching the hype train one too many times, people are unfortunately prepared for the worst. Thankfully, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those rare moments where our patience has paid off and we finally have something of worth within our grasps.

One of the most surprisingly popular aspects of Horizon Zero Dawn is the photo mode feature. The inclusion of this option in the game has grown from an otherwise peripheral ingredient to one of the key components used to express the players' overall experience of the game.

What can photo mode do?

With eight options to choose from, the varied photo mode enhancement tools provide the perfect leavers and pulleys for players to fully customize their most cherished and memorable encounters in unbelievable detail. These options are:

  • Brightness
  • Colorize filters
  • Depth of field
  • Field of view
  • Focus distance
  • Overexposure
  • Time of day
  • View roll

There are numerous examples of how these tools have been utilized on sites such as Reddit, and the enthusiastic competitiveness that has evolved from a single-player game is unique. Gamers are no longer locked in an epic battle of strategy and war. Rather, they are united in their goal to express their love of Horizon Zero Dawn through the most profound images.

The results speak for themselves.

'Horizon: Zero Dawn' [Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

'Horizon: Zero Dawn' [Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

'Horizon: Zero Dawn' [Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

To be able stop and pause gameplay for no other reason than to snap a photo would not normally seem a notable attraction for a gamer. The combination of an easy set of photo mode features alongside Guerrilla's amazing #RPG imagery and vivid resolution of colors has changed the landscape of how this game is viewed via the wider gaming community.

What are your best images?

'Horizon: Zero Dawn' [Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment]

I know the photos displayed here are only A small sample of what is available on the interwebs. And if you're anything like me, you're forever posting your own images from Horizon Zero Dawn to friends and the gaming community alike. I am sure you would agree, playing the actual game is only half the fun with this one.

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It's Easy to See Why People Continue to Love 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Photo Mode
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