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Japan's New 'Attack On Titan' Arcade Game Has The Most Amazing Controllers

Forget gun shaped controllers and steering wheels! There are now dual controllers shaped like the hand grips for 'Attack On Titan’s' Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear!

Attack on Titan's arcade controllers

Revealed by Game Watch Impress, the all new controllers will have analog sticks and triggers to make it easier to maneuver our heroes, and to attack! The new team battle Attack On Titan game supports up to eight players at once, but you can also play solo as well. The game is officially called Attack On Titan: Team Battle.

Attack On Titan: Team Battle will include the fear of getting caught by a titans, and getting the chance to save your allies when it comes down to it. This will be a big part of the main team work aspect.

Out of all the controllers in the gaming world, these have to be some of the best! Or at least the best I've seen in a long time. The controllers will add a level of immersion to the experience of playing team battle. So far there has been no word on if the game will be released in the west, but currently it looks like it's a Japan only deal.

The Attack On Titan game will be arriving Stateside later this year for all PlayStation consoles, and by the looks of it it'll be amazing! Bandi Namco has recently announced a host of gameplay footage has been revealed, and it includes our first look at some of the game's titan vs. titan gameplay. 

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Japan's New 'Attack On Titan' Arcade Game Has The Most Amazing Controllers
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