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Nancy D3 hours ago
'Pokemon Red' and 'Blue' Quiz
Are you a pokemon master? Or maybe even a Pokemon Elitest? Take this quiz to find out!
Johann Hollar6 hours ago
Ninjas Reappear
For those of you are familiar with the game For Honor you recognize this nameless Shinobi from the game For Honor. I post this article because I wish to address the need for video game ninjas to make ...
Nancy Da day ago
10 Never Forgotten Moments from Old-School Pokemon
As much as I love PokemoGo and Pokemon X/Y ... I really miss the old days of Pokemon. Sometimes I really don't mind all the new generations ... but the truth is that Pokemon Red brings a lot of nostal...
Tyler Murphy2 days ago
Apex Legends Has the Chance to Stick Around
The first full week of February has concluded and I have played too many hours of Apex Legends. Objectively, this is a remarkable accomplishment. I did not expect to leave work so early this week. I d...
Danny Liken2 days ago
The Weirdest Battle Royale Game to Date
Recently, video games have seen the monolith that is the Battle Royale sub-genre rise to massive popularity and with this have come some variations on the tried and tested formulae. Some say it all st...
Gavin Spoors2 days ago
Thousands Left Disappointed with ‘Fortnite Live Norwich’ Event
Hundreds of angry parents have taken to social media demanding refunds for the first of several Fortnite Live events planned across the UK. The event, dedicated to celebrating the popular video game F...
My Thoughts on 'Doki Doki Literature Club' (2017)
Warning: major spoilers ahead. I didn't start playing Team Salvato's Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) until April of last year with a friend of mine. Neither of us was especially invested in it, so af...
CD Turner3 days ago
The 5 Most Questionable Romantic Subplots in Video Games
What's the equivalent of "bah, humbug!" in relation to Valentine's Day? Probably, "I'm lonely" or "at least Pornhub has that free premium week." If you are fortunate enough to have a significant other...
Nancy D3 days ago
Cheap and Easy Avatars
Collecting avatars can be quite addicting, and some have way too many steps or cost a lot of Neopoints. If you want to collect just a few easy ones, then I've got your back! Just scroll on down and lo...