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Aaron Dennis3 hours ago
'The Legend of Zelda'
The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker was a phenomenal work of art released back in 2003 on the Game Cube. This is debatably my favorite Zelda game. I say debatably, because I think I enjoyed Phantom Ho...
Max Brooks4 hours ago
All I See Are Hexagons, All I Hear Are Chiptunes
Oh God, this game is so hard. Part of me hates it. But I also can't stop playing it. I've made it my mission to play all the games that I've neglected over the years, and I knew that I owed Terry Cava...
Nancy D5 hours ago
Have You Heard of 'Cattails'?
I've discovered a new game and I wanted to share it with others. It's a simple game that I have managed to get a lot of hours of fun out of.
Grayson Henry6 hours ago
Best 'Double Bubble Slots' Game Providers of 2019
Double Bubble Slots has been designed by Gamesys, and it provides players with a top slot experience. It is a game that is well-known in the industry, and one where players can win big. There are huge...
After Five and a Half Years of Development, I've Finished Making a Superhero Card Game
What was supposed to be just a one month break from designing a space trader board game, became a near six-year journey into creative hell. After spending a year designing a space trader board game, c...
Max Brooks10 hours ago
"You Can Go as Far as You Like, but You Can Never Come Back"
The following article contains Spoilers for Little Inferno, and I mean BIG spoilers. I mean spoilers so spoileriffic that I actually feel like I misled people by saying there were major spoilers in my...
Nancy D10 hours ago
'CatTails:' A Review
I had almost unlocked every achievement in Stardew Valley when I finally realized I needed a new game... but I was still obsessed with Stardew. That's when I found CatTails! The best way to describe C...
Max Brooksa day ago
"It's Little Inferno Just for Me!"
SPOILERS: This game is gonna have some pretty major spoilers for Little Inferno! Don't read if that's the sort of thing that bothers you!!So, I checked my Humble Bundle library recently. I'm sure like...
Mimo le Singea day ago
Theory Evaluations and Other Thoughts: 'Starfox' Edition
In which I answer two commonly asked questions in forums and offer a long-winded final thought on something that continues to bug me to this day.