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Latest Xbox One Preview Program Update Adds Game Gifting

Microsoft has finally implemented an option that enables Xbox One users to gift games to their friends.

[Credits: Microsoft]

Gifting games is nothing new to Steam users. They've been doing it for quite some time now, but lately, it seems that Microsoft is taking a page from their book, and following in their steps. As of recent, Microsoft's Preview Program users have been given this feature through an update that is currently being tested.

According to Xbox One subreddit user liamcurtis1718, Microsoft has finally implemented this option, which enables the ability for Xbox One users to gift games to their friends. In a picture on the subreddit (as seen below), the redditor shows the ability for him to gift EA's title Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition to another friend.

[Credits: Liamcurtis1718/Microsoft]

However, Microsoft isn't the first console manufacturer to do this. Nintendo was the first to allow gifting through the Nintendo Wii, but was removed a while later. Since then, consoles have been exempt from this feature and remain isolated from being able to do so since then. With Microsoft's push to join Steam with this capability, gift sharing is rather unique, and a fun option if you want to surprise a friend, family member, or gaming buddy so that they can join you for adventures in your favorite titles.

For now, it seems that Microsoft's Phil Spencer and Mike Ybarra have remained silent about if this feature. Currently, according to the picture, we can assume that any games will be eligible for gifting, but until the feature launches, we can only guess what restrictions will be put into place. With their push for inclusion, it seems Microsoft is certainly ramping up for the launch of the Xbox One X and are trying to prepare users for the future of gaming on Xbox.

While this change is highly welcome, it does bring in question on whether or not Nintendo and Sony will follow in Steam and Microsoft's footsteps in the foreseeable future. If you want to test this feature, you can check out the steps needed to join the insider program down below.

[Credits: 343 Industries/Microsoft]

Here's how to join Microsoft's Insider Program for Xbox One.

To get into the insider program, you'll want to make sure you have your Xbox One booted up, and at the Xbox Marketplace. Once there, you'll want to select the option to search, in the search box, you'll want to type in "Xbox Insider Hub". From there, you'll want to install the app from the product page.

Once installed, you'll want to make sure you read through the Terms of Services agreement Microsoft has put into place. Once done, go ahead and accept their ToS. Once in the app, you'll notice a menu with Insider content on it. On that menu, select a preview you wish to join in on, and once done, you'll need to once more accept their Terms and Conditions, and then finally accept the update you wish to participate in.

I'm enrolled. However, I don't see the gifting update.

Like any update preview for any company, there are only so many spots available, and once filled up they may not be available for a large group of users. Since these updates are for a select few, you may not be able to join in on them, and may only be able to do so at a later date when it hits a different stage of its pre-launch testing.

You can check out Microsoft's help topic regarding the Xbox One Insider Program to find out more information about how the preview program works.

[Source: Reddit]

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Latest Xbox One Preview Program Update Adds Game Gifting
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