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Lego: 'The Incredibles' Has Release Date and It Is Soon!

Two incredible movies, one incredible game.

Incredible news! TT Games have confirmed the release of a Lego: Incredibles game. This is certainly set to be a blockbuster release!

It may come as no surprise but the release date is set for June 15, the same date the new movie, The Incredibles 2, hits theatres. 

TT Games are famed for their incredibly entertaining Lego twists on popular IP’s. The TT Game library is a veritable who’s who of pop-culture's biggest and bravest franchises shrunk down into block-tastic action adventures. 

The original Incredibles movie released back in 2004 (if you can believe it!), it follows a family of former-superheroes that are trying to live normal lives behind the guise of a seemingly normal, somewhat dull, suburban life. However, fueled by memories of the past, a few extra-curricular exploits from certain family members draws the whole family into a plot that forces them to unite and bring down an all-new supervillain.

The Incredibles 2 takes place immediately after the events of the first movie. Remember the end of the original? Yup, say hello to The Underminer (John Ratzenberger). It follows a similar base line of trying to keep a low profile, however, along with Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), they will have to band together again to face this new threat head on and save the world from yet another super-sinister wanton plot of destruction. 

This is safe territory for TT Games, with game series’ including the likes of Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Lego Marvel (multiple iterations), Lego Harry Potter and many more iconic adaptations, fans of The Incredibles franchise can rest assured that the series is in great hands.

TT Games deliver immensely entertaining narratives that are funny, enchanting, and eventful. Combine this with their pick up and play accessibility and you have a great recipe for a killer title. 

Lego: The Incredibles will be no different – with a wealth of fully rounded, multi-faceted characters available to pull from, this adaptation has plenty of scope to produce a super game. 

What is also especially intriguing is how the trailer alludes to the complete game experience that covers both movies. Two movies, one game, talk about getting bang for your buck. Having both movies covered in the one game will certainly be a treat. Keeping things current is great but it also allows us to venture deeper into the stroylines and characters that span the series.

If we are able to venture into any multiplayer it will also allow us to deepen our level of customisation and allow more choices for players to jump into battle with. More content = longevity (or an extended life-span, at least).

The game mechanic will likely revolve around a solid action vs. puzzles narrative where the player must utilise individual characters’ special skills to achieve their goals. Let’s not forget that this is The Incredibles franchise so you will also have to deal with the inevitable stresses that will arise out of a hectic superhero fueled stresses of family life.

Run, jump, blast, puzzle, repeat. That should be the basis of the game and will port well to handheld devices like the Switch for that reason. An action game that is accessible to the casual gamer as well as the more hardcore and one that will elevate the franchise within another industry channel.

TT Games work hard on quality and this IP should be great to look at as well as play. I am super-psyched for this new iteration of this family classic.

Lego: The Incredibles is out on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC, June 15.

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Lego: 'The Incredibles' Has Release Date and It Is Soon!
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