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Locked In!

What to Expect in a Locked Room

Locked rooms seem to be the trend right now. If you have never done one before, this is what you can expect...

1. There will be more than one lock to figure out. This is an obvious pointer because it would be way too easy if there was just one lock. There will be some boxes you need to open with locks on them. Yes, they are meant to be opened.

2. More often than not, there will be a part where things will only open if you link your hands together. There were two locked rooms, which I have done, and it was required to hold hands in order for a box to open or something to happen that gives a clue of what next to do.

3. Sometimes, there will be another room to get out of.  You might start off in a bigger room or a smaller room and there will be clues leading you to the next room to escape from. 

4. The codes to the locks are what you will struggle with most, because you will be given multiple codes with multiple locks and you have to figure out which one belongs to which lock.

5. Check to see if anything moves in order to find an item or a key. Often, you will find that there will be hidden objects that hold a key or some other clue. Make sure you touch everything.

6.vThere might be weird/creepy music playing to keep you suspenseful and uptight about the whole situation, but do not worry, it is there for that exact purpose.

7. Usually, there is a story that goes with the locked room. Listen carefully! There might be clues about how to get a key or where to look for your next clue.

8. All the objects you find serve a purpose! Make sure to find what that purpose is. If you are in an escape room where there is more than one room, you might need those items in other rooms.

9. The purpose is to work together and not work separately or independently. That being said, you might end up in an escape room with some random people and usually those do not tend to be fun experiences because you have never worked with those people before and then you end up splitting up and not working together, and then not getting out in time.

10. You might have to take clues literally. For example, you might be in a room where it is heat sensitive and the clue that was given had something to do with something being cold does not work and then you have to warm it up to show you the clue or answer.

11. Anything can be a possibility! Look high and low, for everything might have purpose in the room.

12. Do not worry about doing things fast. Yes, there is a time limit to get out of the room, but focus on the clues and how to get things open rather than worrying about the time. Near the end is when you can start panicking about the time. If you focus on the puzzles given to you, you can figure out things faster.

13. The game master is a person who watches you figure out the clues. There might be screens or equipment that are to serve for viewing purposes. They have cameras set up to make sure that you don't break any rules or that you play nice with others. This is for your safety.

14. Do not be afraid to ask for hints. Hints can be very helpful when doing a locked room, especially if you were stuck at a clue for more than ten minutes, then you know you need help getting out.

15. If you end up working with random people. Do not push each other around or aside. Come up with a plan that works well for both groups and cooperate the best that you can. Get along with the other players, be open, and do not shoot down other ideas because this is not the way to escape.

16. Have fun! even though it can be stressful because of the time limit, remember to have fun and make the most of it!