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'Mega Man 11' Review

5 Stars for the Latest Mega Man Installment

Promotional image for Mega Man 11. 

Not since March 2010, has a new installment in the classic Mega Man series been released. However, in 2014, Mega Man was featured in the massive hit game Super Smash Bros (for Wii U). The trailer that announced Mega Man's inclusion in the game was watched close to four million times. The following year the Mega Man Legacy Collection was released, which featured the first six Mega Man games. The Legacy Collection sold over a million copies. A Mega Man X Legacy Collection followed, and this debuted at #1 on the Japanese Video Game Chart.

With all the success following the release of Mega Man 10, fans have been enthusiastically hoping a Mega Man 11 would follow. Finally, in October 2018... Mega Man 11 would be released!

Naturally, given the wait time for a new Mega Man adventure, fans are indeed hyped for the arrival of the brand new Mega Man game. However, was the 11th sequel in the classic series worth the wait? Thankfully it was!

Mega Man 11 does everything right that a sequel should do. Firstly, it doesn't deviate too far away from its predecessors. This is important as sequels that take this approach often appear to have gone off on a tangent and can alienate fans. Nostalgia and familiar elements are all important to making a good sequel, and Mega Man 11 offers many such instances. The game contains the classic side-scrolling play of the other other classic platformer entries, with beautiful 2.5D graphics (with 3D polygonal characters and gorgeous 2D backdrops). 

However, 11 still offers fresh and new ideas, both in terms of game-play and its stunning visuals. One example, is the dramatic change in Mega Man's looking after obtaining a new power. In the previous games, Mega Man's appearance would stay the same when equipped with new powers—except for a color change. For example, fire related powers would result in a red or red and white coloration in place of his trade mark blue. However, in Mega Man 11, using new powers results in impressive changes to Mega's over all appearance. This includes a variety of stunning helmet looks, changes to his mega buster (his arm cannon), and changes in coloration. This climatic change in morphology is a brilliant addition, as it alters the over-all appearance and abilities of our hero. Other game features include Time Trials, Missions, Global Leader-boards, a concept art gallery and more. A difficulty setting is also included to make the game easier for new players (who might of been intimated by past Mega Man titles for their notorious difficulty), or made harder for more seasoned players looking for a larger challenge. As such, the game can be tailored to the needs of any player. This is a great addition, as Mega Man is a wonderful character and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Music has always been an important element of Mega Man games, and 11 continues this tradition with its magnificent soundtrack, the helps evoke all of the wonder and awe of its futuristic setting.

With its perfect blend of classic elements segued with new music, features, and game-play experiences—Mega Man 11 should delight both long-term fans and new. It's an exciting chapter for the blue bomber as his newest adventure is now available for the masses to enjoy. The demo for Mega Man 11 received tremendous reception, with over one million downloads and most of the fan reaction to the demo was indeed very positive. The game as a whole is wonderful chapter in the Mega Man franchise, and one that certainly deserves recognition from fans.

* * * * * (Out of five stars)