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'Mega Man' and 'Mega Man X' Anniversaries Today!

Fans celebrate the debut 'Mega Man' game, and the iconic 'Mega Man X'!

Yoshihiro Iwamoto, Artist of the 'Rockman X' Manga

Today, December 17 2018, marks the 31st anniversary of Mega Man which was initially released in Japan as Rockman. Today is also the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man X (initially released in Japan as Rockman X). Mega Man X takes place approximately 100 years after the events of the still on-going ''classic Mega Man series.''

These anniversaries, mark the end of an amazing year for Mega Man. In August, a new children's show Mega Man: Fully Charged was released. Although it didn't appeal to most older/long-term fans, it did go on to be named by Collider as one of "2018's Best New Animated Series For Kids!"

The same month, the game Mega Man X Legacy Collection one and two, debuted at number one on the Japanese video game chart. Game informer's 2018 Games Of The Year Poll, also included Mega Man X Legacy Collection one and two for "Best Remastered/Remade Game."

In October, Mega Man 11 was released to mostly positive reviews. It debuted in the Top 10 on both the U.S and Japanese video game charts. Mega Man 11 was also nominated for "Best Action Game at the 2018 Game Awards."

Mega Man was also included in the new Smash Bros Ultimate, which features not only the character, but a myriad of other Mega Man related content throughout the game as well.

Kotobukiya also just announced a new line of Rockman X model kits. These will be unveiled at the Winter Wonder Festival, which takes place on February 10, 2019.

The recent successes of the Mega Man franchise is vivid proof that after 31 years, fans of the Blue Bomber remain loyal and ever enthusiastic. Writer Mike Minotti ( stated, ''Mega Man has some of the most passionate fans in gaming. The series inspires artists, musicians, speed runners, and more.''

Mega Man certainly does mean a lot to so many. On social media, I am networked with a plethora of other Mega Man fans, and on the evening of the 16th through till the morning of the 17th my wall was plastered with posts from fans commemorating the anniversaries of the debut Mega Man game and Mega Man X. Some had made their own artwork, while others had planned live play throughs. Many had updated their profile pictures and banners to showcase the importance of the day. Many fans have constructed absolutely stunning collections of Mega Man merchandise - and these are certainly expensive endeavors. Is that not the ultimate showcasing of being a fan of something? To invest so much time and money into it!

Fans care about the characters that much, that in their own ways that want to celebrate the milestones—like the 31st Anniversary (and 25th for X). They want to take their passion and get active and involved. Videos from the recent, 30th Anniversary Festival Rockman Unite, clearly displays fans cheering with real dedication and sincere excitement.

On a personal level, it is extremely endearing to see so many other people, from varying ages and walks of life, all invest so much into Mega Man (especially since I can relate to this dedication).

But is all this adoration for a fictional character merely just fanatical behavior run amok? I don't think so. I think it is an expression of appreciation for something that makes people happy. Happiness is a gift, so if we find something that brings us joy, makes us feel connected to others, and is a positive experience in our life, it seems only natural to want to celebrate it.

And this is why today, Mega Man fans from around the world will take the time to celebrate the 31st Anniversary of the debut game, and the 25th Anniversary of the start of the X series, in their own ways!

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'Mega Man' and 'Mega Man X' Anniversaries Today!
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