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Microsoft's 'Halo' VR Experience Could Bode Well for the Xbox One X

Microsoft could take 'Halo' in a new direction by offering fresh new content, and even entirely new experiences for loyal fans of the franchise.

[Credits: 343 Industries]

It seems these days that everyone is ready to see just how well their big-name franchises can do in VR. Companies such as Bethesda have made some bold moves with their ventures into VR, titles such as DOOM, Fallout, and Skyrim all preparing to shift perspectives.

To follow in the footsteps of Bethesda, 343 Industries and Microsoft have announced that they will be bringing the smash-hit franchise Halo onto Windows Mixed Reality headsets later this month on October 17. 'Halo: Recruit' will serve as 343 and Microsoft's first attempt at bringing the Halo series to virtual reality.

It seems that Halo Recruit will be something close to the Lightsaber VR experience for the HTC Vive. If you're expecting to run around as the Master Chief or other Spartan soldiers, it seems this first attempt will be more of a point and shoot experience. But What does this mean for the Xbox One X?

[Credits: Samsung]

A 'Halo' VR/MR experience could bode well for the Xbox One X with fresh new content.

With the raw power sitting behind the Xbox One X, 343 Industries and Microsoft could take the series in a new direction by offering fresh new content, and even entirely new experiences for loyal fans of the franchise.

Thanks to the systems dedicated power, it seems that Microsoft's push into Mixed Reality would be right at home on the console, and would even help drive sales for the platform. Since Microsoft has been struggling to deliver some powerful first-party exclusives, a Halo VR title would be just what the fans need.

'Halo 5: Guardians' [Credits: 343 Industries]

Halo's user interface already seems right at home for Mixed Reality and VR.

Whether we know it or not, it almost seems like Halo has been built with VR in mind, especially if you look at the in-game heads-up-display. With Halo 5: Guardians the ideology of VR seems more apparent now than ever due to its interesting approach to interfacing.

Since the HUD seemed to appear as if it belonged to a VR/MR title, it seems that Halo 6 would be the best time to implement such a feature. If Microsoft moved forward with this, it would give them a slight edge against Sony. While Sony has remained strong with their support for the PlayStation VR, Microsoft seems to be preparing to make a good push.

While Microsoft seemingly has their work cut out for them, Halo: Recruit is a perfect place to start, and could prove Microsoft's ambition isn't just ambition, but genuine creativity.

[Credits: 343 Industries]

'Halo: Recruit' should appear on Xbox One X eventually.

Whether we are ready or not, VR and Mixed Reality are here. Due to a weak fall line-up, it seems now is the best time for Microsoft to ramp up Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality support on the Xbox One X. While Halo: Recruit will debut this month on PC, we should hope to see Microsoft push this same initiative on consoles, giving fans that own it something to look forward to later this year.

For the time being, this title will be a PC exclusive, and will give fans a glimpse of the future of Microsoft's gaming endeavors.

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Microsoft's 'Halo' VR Experience Could Bode Well for the Xbox One X
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