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'Minecraft' Beta on Xbox - How to Guide

Play the Minecraft beta version today!

A Screenshot from the Xbox Insider Hub Where You Can Join the Minecraft Beta on Xbox One

Minecraft offers its Xbox and Windows PC users the ability to join their beta program to test out upcoming versions of the game. This opt-in beta allowed me and my viewers to play the new underwater edition of the game early! It's not terribly difficult to join the beta, but Xbox does not make it very straight forward either. If you are interested in the Minecraft Beta and playing the latest unreleased version early, watch my YouTube video above or follow the directions found below.

The first step to the process is to visit the Xbox store and search for an application called "Xbox Insider Hub"—this is a free application that allows you to join beta programs. Once downloaded, you will need to open the Xbox Insider Hub application and navigate the menu on the left to Insider Content. On the following menu, select Minecraft Beta, and then select "join." This process may take a few minutes to update (the screen will show pending). You will then be prompted to go to the Xbox store where Minecraft will download onto your Xbox. Once downloaded, you will then be able to access the Minecraft beta program!

It is important to note that once you are signed up for the Minecraft beta program, you will no longer be able to play with other players running the current build. An error will appear on your screen that the other players are not running the same version as you. Also, you will not be able to access realms while playing in the beta version of the game, which may be an issue with players who enjoy modified or downloadable content. If you wish to return to the regular version/build, you will need to go back to the Xbox Insider Hub and disenroll from the program. Please allow 30-60 minutes (per Microsoft instructions) for the beta status to be removed from your account. After, you will need to delete and re-download Minecraft from the Xbox store.  

A note about the Xbox Insider Hub: This application will also contain access to other betas that Microsoft and Xbox offer in the future. For example, the PlayerUnknown Battleground (PUBG) public test realm is also available through this Insider Hub application. Lastly, Xbox will also prompt you to provide feedback for the betas offered, a leveling system, and may offer you early access to other betas in the future. I do recommend spending some time in the Insider Hub, because as you level up, you will also be considered for other closed beta testing. At level 11, I was considered for the beta to the latest Dragonball Z fighting game, which was a fun and exciting opportunity for being part of the Xbox Insider Hub program.

A lot of people who visit my Facebook Gaming live stream ask how to join the Minecraft beta in order to play together. I created this YouTube video to show the steps to play the latest beta build of Minecraft on Xbox One. So far my experience with the beta version has been solid and had very little bugs or issues with the game itself. Some may be weary that they may be playing an unfinished product when it comes to beta versions. As a gaming content creator, it is great to be ahead of the curve when it comes to providing early access or beta content to your viewers and I welcome the ability to enter into betas such as this. Thank you for watching the video and hope to see you in the Minecraft beta program soon! 

Make sure to like and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more content! Also check us out at Facebook: Spyweb for Facebook Gaming Live Streams! :) 

- Spyweb

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'Minecraft' Beta on Xbox - How to Guide
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