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'Monument Valley' Is Overlooked

'Monument Valley' is a popular pay-to-play game that was first released in 2014 and followed up with a second game in 2017.

2 of Many Chapters

The game grew in popularity through App Store promotion and Editor's Choice. However, it is clear that this game has been overlooked. The second game had a beautiful story of the journey of a young girl who was separated from her mother halfway through the story. The one of a kind illusions is beautifully crafted into a story. The development of Monument Valley 2 took one year to complete with the game's company ustwo games to publish it to the Apple's App Store. Even after all the advertising, it has reached massive download numbers but it still hasn't received the online coverage it deserves 

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming has never been as popular as it is now. But many games are overlooked by most players. With the looming death of Gaming on YouTube, the popular sandbox shooter, Fortnite has revived Gaming on the website. This is the time for many of these sort of games to come through and become more popular. However, the demand for mobile gaming online is very limited and is beaten to by console and PC gaming. This will always play a part in Monument Valley's popularity which will increase at very limited numbers. Ustwo may want to think about the scaling up of the game to longer and more compatible devices for the game which will increase the demand for the game and its overall rating which are already really high at 4.3/5 for the first and 3.7/5 for its second. There is scaling up needed.

Story More Important Than Gameplay

The approach taken by ustwo is very considered on the crucial role of the story. This is a downside to popularity because as Gaming develops there is a higher focus on Gameplay strength and pull factors than the story and its importance. However, there is the occasion when story inspired games grow to be extremely popular very much like the Uncharted games which have an equal amount of both, creating the perfect experience for the game. However, most story-based games find it very hard to run an audience. But this creates a small community of dedicated fans of a certain game like third person Horror game, Little Nightmares. The game focuses mainly on story and has created a niche community of the game's fans. Monument Valley is truly an amazing game however its limited teleplay features leaves it behind in this category. On the other hand, Monument Valley's success has come from a successful storyline integration with graphics and looks.

Relaxing Gaming

Gaming is now reached a new phase of development where there is a less simple approach. The games that can be played with a sense of relaxation and enjoyment (Wii Sports Resort, Mario Games) are no longer popular. This feeling of gameplay is no longer appreciated as much as 10 years ago at the time when the Wii was released. Gaming has now become like a job and not a pastime which is why now it is taken more seriously and there are less and less beautifully crafted games like Monument Valley created when there is a possibility of creating a bad shooter and possibly earning 2 or 3 times as much in the early stages of release. The relaxing side of gaming is fading away and everything is slowly becoming like a simple battle and competition. The fact that Monument Valley is so calming and has a tendency to be a game that is played as a way to relax the body and enter a different world through the awesome soundtrack created especially for the game. 

Thought and Carefullness

There are many games where you have to be careful, especially shooters. However, the brain has to be used to play Monument Valley, which sounds idiotic but is true compared to Fortnite or PUBG. You must think of the correct route to take using the different functions. But these are not easy to spot and take time to endure and work out. However, in a modern day shooter, you take 2 seconds to decide what to do and then you are off and running. But the game looks to seek out challenges for your brain while also relaxing and calming the body down. 

Watch this video.

This video by ustwo looks right at the reasons behind the creation of the game. 

What's Next For 'Monument Valley'

I love this game and there are many others who also love this game. However, Monument Valley has the opportunity of being something really big. The App Store has noticed this already through their many articles about the game. Monument Valley may just want to stay the same because it has worked and has helped revive Mobile Gaming. If ustwo does decide to change something they might want to expand their platforms and definitely want to add length to the game. Monument Valley is ustwo's seed and this seed will grow into an apple tree if it is nurtured. Ustwo has created a gem of a game and will continue to create gems. The future of The Valley is up to them. 

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'Monument Valley' Is Overlooked
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