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Must Have PS4 Accessories for Gamers

If you want to get the most out of your PS4, you might want to invest in some of the must have PS4 accessories for gamers with attitude.

A PS4 is an amazing piece of equipment. It can really elevate your gaming experience in ways that most other game systems can't. It's got killer graphics, an insanely fast memory hard drive, and also has way better stats than the Xbox 1. 

Gaming gear, though, is really what sets this gaming device apart from the rest. If you want to really get the full spectrum of what a PS4 can do, then you might want to snap up must have PS4 accessories for gamers that are serious about gaming. 

KontrolFreek FPS Phantom

If you want to really slay in a highly competitive first person shooter game, you're going to need more than a standards PS4 controller. The  KontrolFreek FPS Phantom is a highly modified controller that gives you a better range of motion, higher kill-death ratios, and better accuracy while aiming. 

Long periods of PS4 gaming won't be an issue, either. It's ergonomically designed, so you will also get to enjoy less hand fatigue, too. Needless to say, this is one of the most popular must have PS4 accessories for gamers who adore FPS-style games. 

GAEMS M155 15.5" HD LED Performance Portable Gaming Monitor

Most PS4 players are totally cool staying at home and playing games — however, jobs don't always allow for that. If you're a gamer on the go, then the only way you could get your game on is to have a portable gaming monitor...or lug your TV around with you.

The M155 is brilliant in being able to offer a solution to this issue. This affordable gaming monitor is large enough for full visibility, boasts a 720p definition score, has an HDMI input that's compatible with multiple devices, and also has a headphone jack so that you can game without disturbing others.

Traveling never looked so gamer-friendly. 


Sweaty hands are the bane of every hardcore gamer's life. It's gross, and worse, it also makes it really hard to use your gaming controller. That's why Squidgrip is one of the best must have PS4 accessories for gamers who want to get a better grip on gaming.

Squidgrip's rubbery feel makes it easy to keep your hands steady on the controller, and also boasts an antimicrobial veneer. Better still, this gaming accessory is very affordable — so you really have no excuse not to buy this. 

RDS Industries Game System PS4 Case

If you're like most gamers out there, you might have a tendency of bringing your PS4 to your friend's place once in a while for a group gaming night. The only thing that tends to be an issue with this is the fact that PS4s are pretty delicate. One good drop, and your game system could easily end up being done for. 

The RDS PS4 Case is a great way to prevent breakage from happening, store your PS4 safely, and also make carrying it from place to place with ease. It's rugged, stylish, and perfectly utilitarian. We love it, and that's why we're calling it one of the best must have PS4 accessories for gamers on the go. 

The Dual Shock 4

Love gaming, but aren't exactly a first person shooter type of gamer? Then you might want to look at the Dual Shock 4 PS4 controller, one of the most advanced gaming controllers currently on the market.

This gorgeous wireless gaming controller allows players to get lag-free gaming with some of the most sensitive controls on the market. A touchpad allows users to point and click for specialized games, too.

Overall, it's a great controller that has an improved design and looks sharp. That's why so many groups are calling it one of 2017's must have PS4 accessories for gamers who love superior control in games of all genres.  

The Playstation 4 Camera

Many games currently being released by PlayStation require a camera, and that means that one of the newest must have PS4 accessories for gamers who want to play ALL the games is a camera.  

Sometimes, it's actually a manufacturer-made accessory that proves itself to be the best option. Such is the case with this surprisingly affordable PS4 camera, made by PlayStation itself. It's low lag, high definition, and works with every game out there. 

Seagate 1TB Firecuda Gaming SATA 2.5-Inch Hard Drive

One of the biggest issues that people have been having with the PS4 is the need to upgrade the hard drive inside the system. Since gaming is now taking up more space than ever before, it's a good idea to snap up some extra hard drive space for your saves. 

That's why we're saying that the Seagate 1TB Firecuda Gaming SATA 2.5-Inch Hard Drive is one of the hottest must have PS4 accessories for gamers who tend to do lots of saving, loading, and hardware upgrades. 

The hard drive is totally compatible with the PlayStation 4, offers a jaw-dropping 1 TB of storage, and also is fast enough to load without any lagging whatsoever. 

HORI Real Arcade Pro V4 Hayabusa Arcade Stick Customer reviews: HORI Real Arcade Pro V4 Hayabusa for PlayStation 3 and 4
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HORI Real Arcade Pro V4 Hayabusa for PlayStation 3 and 4 at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

One of the things that we love about the PlayStation 4 is that there is a lot of retrogaming elements in many of the releases that are coming out for the system. The HORI Real Arcade Pro allows you to get the full retrogaming feel by using a real arcade stick board. 

It's durable, works with both PS3 and PS4 systems, and even is shipped straight from Japan. Needless to say, it's one of the coolest must have PS4 accessories for gamers with a penchant for old school arcade gaming. 

Sony Playstation VR Headset Core System

On this list of must have PS4 accessories for gamers, we typically focused on a single element of gaming as a hobby — transportation, game controllers, hard drive space... This accessory is totally different because it's designed to literally bring your reality into the game.

Sony PlayStation VR is a headset that offers full virtual reality immersion, looks sleek, and gives you the ability to play for hours on end. 1080p resolution, connectivity to the PS4 via HDMI cable, and compatibility with PS4 cameras make this an incredible system to have for any gamer who really loves the concept of virtual reality play. 

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