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My Favourite Fan Artworks (Part One)

Featuring 'Bayonetta,' 'Devil May Cry,' and 'Final Fantasy IX'

Pictured: Final Fantasy IX Fan Artwork

I've always wanted to be an artist, but never really had the aptitude for illustration or painting. Despite this, I inherited a great appreciation for art from both my parents.

My appreciation definitely extends to fan artworks of video game characters as well, and so I'd like to share some pieces that have always stood out to me for various reasons.

Let's start this off with a crossover I'm sure everyone wants to see:

1. Bayonetta ('Bayonetta' Franchise) and Dante ('Devil May Cry')

Now these are babes of the night if I ever saw any.

I found this image on Tokyo Otaku mode, and the artist appears to go by the alias "D.W.D." As far as I'm concerned, this individual did a fantastic job portraying a crossover of these two studs.

It seriously almost looks like something out of a manga brought into 3D, complete with what looks like digital paint and a little Tenebrism, mixing the art style of the two franchises together perfectly.

There's a warm glaze to the illustration, complemented by the rays of light shining down on Bay and Dante. I like that it's not bloom, but rather a hazy sort of light to give that fantastical, "divinity meets goth" feel, especially with that statue in the background.

The colours are very layered. They're not too bold nor too dark, and the shadows help to balance this out, evidenced by Dante's coat.

I also like that Bay has a more youthful face in this rendition, without all the "witch" makeup. Dante's facial features here remind me a great deal of Light Yagami's (Death Note) corrupt side—he's devilishly handsome, indeed.

2. 'Final Fantasy IX'

I saw this watercolour painting of the FFIX gang on my old classmate's Facebook profile cover. I unfortunately have no idea who the artist is. If anyone recognizes this image and knows the artist, please let me know so I can properly credit them. Unless it was my classmate, in which case: awesome job!

This painting depicts the fight between the Tantalus Theatre Troupe and Captain Adelbert Steiner—along with a Bomb—on-board the Prima Vista after Zidane Tribal "kidnaps" Princess Garnet.

Bombs in FFIX are known to be quite dangerous—although this is true for real bombs as well—and so I love that the painting gives off this feeling of "You're screwed," especially considering how in this depiction, Zidane's party doesn't seem to look as though they're faring well in battle.

The colours, shades, and lighting remind me so much of the visual novel aesthetic, or even a comic book strip. I also like how the Bomb isn't a bold red colour like its video game counterpart, or else it would've clashed way too much with the colour scheme used here.

I only have two criticisms with regards to the final product. For one, why is Marcus looking in the direction of Garnet and Zidane, rather than their opponents like the rest of the party? I can only assume that he may be worrying about Garnet's well being like Zidane is. For another, Steiner looks too "pretty." I would've liked Steiner to look much angier here, given his hatred towards the likes of Zidane and his devotion to Garnet, complete with his bulging eyes.

Those two things aside, this is a great piece of fan art, and I'd really love to find more battle depictions like this.

Thanks for reading and keep on the lookout for part two!

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My Favourite Fan Artworks (Part One)
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