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My PS4 Subscription

Let’s Be Honest

My Poor Dirty Remote

I am a girl. I am a gamer. I’m a girl gamer. I don’t work anymore, I am not even out of high school yet. So I am going to just get to it. I need exactly $64.78 for my PS plus subscription to be paid for a whole year. I don’t think it’s expensive at all. So, I start thinking to myself “Well, My Mom does not want to pay it, I will save up money.” I DON'T WANT TO SAVE MONEY! I just want to get the money and buy it all in the same day. But life however, does not work like that. At least for me. I know that I could ask my grandma and she’d do it. But I don’t want to. So right now, I am stressing over $65. I only have nine dollars. I am basically writing this, so I can earn money, okay? I am not even going to beat around the bush. As you guys know, or should know, it is a six-hundred word count for stories like this one to get published, but there is no guarantee that I am even going to get paid for it. I am asking, from reader to me please? I even have a cash app, send me whatever you want. It could even be one cent and I will be I bet the older folks are gonna read this reading this and thinking, “This girl is asking people for money, for a game console.” Yes, yes I am but it is not the only reason I am writing this, I also want to become a journalist and this is a good way to start right? Also, I want to be a photographer and I start photography class in a few days, that is ALSO why I don’t have money right now. Cameras are really expensive people!! I have so much on my plate right now with school, and finding another job. When I play games, I can finally take a break from the real world and enter the gaming world.

I'm still here friends.

PlayStation Plus Card

That my friends, is the PS plus card. Read it. “Online multiplayer, free games, and discounts.” For you people that does not know, you don’t even have to buy that card, you could just have money on a credit card and use that. I'M NOT ASKING FOR YOUR CREDIT CARDS. I am asking for money...from your credit card or your pockets or whatever you have. As you can see, I am not very good at being persuasive, I don’t even know what to say anymore but, don’t you want to make me happy? Sir or ma’am...boy or girl? I’m Amanda and if you read down this far...then you should pay me. Thanks! 

Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! PSRWXQM

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My PS4 Subscription
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