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My Thoughts on Marvel's 'Spider-Man' (2018)

The Battle Against Wilson Fisk

Spider-Man looking over his shoulder after having put an end to an era of brutality and corruption sponsored by Wilson Fisk

It is one of the most anticipated games of the decade. 

A game that almost took the same lenght to craft, design, write, test, promote and launch. 

It begins with Peter Parker jumping off his apartment window to assist the fictional NYP on apprehending most wanted criminal Wilson Fisk. Amid the chaos and fights, we are introduced the controls and mechanics of the game. A very subtle and ingenious way of doing so. 

Beat the many Fisk thugs, and you will have your first encounter with Mr. Wilson Fisk. 

The introduction of the first boss battle could not be any more anticipated; yet, not overwhelmingly exciting.  

The many visual effects and cinematic techniques beg for an extraordinary reception. The game accomplishes it, as a matter of fact. But it lacks on Fisk's fighting techniques. 

We do no see more beyond the frequent bull-run towards Spider-Man and his repetitive throwing of fists. This; however, is later embellished by, once again, the cinematography, where players see the array of movements and battle techniques these two characters mastered. Not to mention that as gamers progress through the story, more fighting techniques are unlock.  

The incredible attention to detail is evidently seen on the fight scenes. As Spider-Man hits Fisk in the face over and over, it becomes distinguishable the brutality of each punch. 

Saliva can be seen coming out of Fisk's mouth, and with the help of sound mixing, the perfect feel of pain is present with the sound of every punch and groan. 

The motion blur effect adds an almost touchable and extremely relatable environment. Lighting and shadows are professionally embedded and polished on the various frames in such a way the makes the player feel the tension and complexity of the scene's theme. 

In a truly unique style, Spider-Man is able to web around Wilson Fisk before he plummets to what, at some instant, seemed to be his death. 

The whole event culminates and Spider-Man realizes there is much more to be done around the city.  

The first hour I spent playing this game left me wanting more. The dialogue, the visual effects, the perfectly crafted and designed fictional New York, the characters, but most importantly the story. All those elements contributed to catching my undivided attention. 

I did not fully understand the consequences of having jailed W. Fisk. This, in turn, incentivized me to look for answers. Answers I found further in the game, and that left me feeling with the need to share with you.           

Marvel's 'Spider-Man'—Gameplay I

23:02 The first time Spider-Man meets with Wilson Fisk. Climax in the first chapter of the game. 

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My Thoughts on Marvel's 'Spider-Man' (2018)
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