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NeuroVoider Is Digital Eye Candy from the Retro Era

'NeuroVoider' manages to take the best aspects of games such as 'The Legend of Zelda' and 'Gradius.'

Credit: Flying Oak Games

It was nearly 30 years ago when I was sitting in my father's lap with an NES controller in my hand as he guided me through Hyrule. Now, we find ourselves distanced from those classic games. It's because of my dad that I've become attached to the 8-bit to 32-bit games.

Recently I was offered such a chance to see one game that could quite possibly do this very thing. That game just happens to be #NeuroVoider by the brilliant minds over at Flying Oak Games.

To begin with, NeuroVoider is one of those games that takes the idea of procedurally generated content and builds upon that idea across multiple stages.

Credit: Flying Oak Games

NeuroVoider won't shy from warning you that you will die. It's very true that you will die multiple times and there's a good chance that it's your fault when you do. That, however, is where the game's true challenge is. It's a game that will push players to its limits without regrets.

That's something that retro games did quite well. NeuroVoider manages to take the best aspects of games such as #TheLegendofZelda and even #Gradius. It's the moments where players find themselves laughing as they build their equipment up in order to hose down enemies only to find themselves overrun.

Credit: Flying Oak Games

This shines even more when multiple people join in on the same console. It's pure chaotic Bullet Hell when players begin competing for the rights to the room.

Bullets fly, bombs blow up, and players find themselves serenading themselves with the sounds of mass destruction. Players won't find themselves supported by a "please continue" option or frequent saving, but instead will find themselves challenged with one life across multiple levels.

This is something that I've felt modern games have neglected to bring forth and emphasize upon. It's a challenge that's enjoyable and it's a challenge that retro gamers loved in the classic era of gaming.

Stuff like that makes NeuroVoider one of the best retro games out there, and one that fans will enjoy on a consistent basis. It's a game that fills the gap where Bullet Hell titles have been missing and left the scene quite empty for quite some time.

So if you want some retro-styled eye candy that coincides perfectly with your need for a retro game? Here's the one for you.

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NeuroVoider Is Digital Eye Candy from the Retro Era
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