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'Next Day Survival': Review

It gets crazy...

Next Day Survival is a multiplayer survival game with RPG elements, the location takes place in a fictional post-Soviet state, most of whose territory is contaminated by toxic fog. The main point or task for the player is to survive while improving their character using skills, interaction with the outside world or other players, and non-player characters (NPC). At the main menu you have the options of playing by yourself or online in servers. You can also have a basic character that you can design differently or left the way you want him left. After doing all that, if you join a server you start off as a neutral person and you work your way through getting items and such, after getting the basic stuff you need, food, water, clothes, weapons, and ammo you can travel to different towns and talk to the NPCs.

There are different factions you can join or end up being.

  • Neutral: Basic faction you start off with, you start collecting to survive and fend off the enemies or looters.
  • Civilian: You're a normal civilian, if you kill a looter or a traitor you become a civilian.
  • Looter: Basically a bandit, you kill a civilian (Player or NPC) in order to be in the looter faction.
  • Traitor: If you are a civilian or a looter and you kill your own faction or one faction member that makes you a traitor and is extremely hated by everyone.

Each faction has their own spawn point in each different area of the entire map, Neutral has their spawn point which is allowed for everyone especially for traitors, Civilians have their spawn point, Looters have their spawn point as well. Neutral zone is made for the purpose of trading and resting, plus it's everyone's spawn when they start playing the game so it's a basic spawn. I started playing this game with my friend and we went ahead and became Looters, I had never played the game before so everything I was doing was completely stupid but we also had some fights with people who traitors and in military APCs.

There are also vehicles. From what I understand there are only ground vehicles, no airborne vehicles, at least not yet. The game is still in early access beta or alpha, not really sure. The newest updates were on September 19th and the 18th. The 19th they updated the game after having some maintenance issues on the game servers, there are probably still some issues but it's being fixed up. On the 18th, they updated the game adding some new stuff to the servers, like changing the military men, fixing some bugs, resetting the time of punishment for all players, and some other stuff.

The game has quests as well from neutral zones, civilian zones, looter zones, and traitor zones. By doing these quests you get items from the NPCs which can be used if you want to use them or you can store them in the local trader shop or storage container. The quests from what I know of are really simple and easy but I don't know if there any harder quests, I assume so. The game also has military NPCs as I mentioned before, where the military soldiers hold up in some bunker and guard the place, you can go over there and attack them and take the loot or (don't know if you can do this) trade with them if they are willing to, but they will probably kill you instead.

The game also has diseases and viruses you can get sick from and need medical attention as soon as possible, you can get a stomach virus for eating food like two days late or eating the wrong kind of food somehow, but I think it's a nice touch to have considering the only wounds you'll get are from fighting people or NPCs, toxic fog or radiation, fighting animals, and much more.

Well that was my review, hopefully you enjoyed reading it and if it made you want to try the game. Play with it friends, its recommended to play with friends.

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'Next Day Survival': Review
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