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Nine Great Tips To Improve 'Fortnite Battle Royal' Gameplay

Use these tips to increase your success in 'Fornite Battle Royal.'

  1. Go to tilted towers, even if you are a beginner, this gets you into the action of the game and playing against other players faster. This helps you from wasting so much time looking and searching for other players to attack. Tilted towers also will help you in learning how to do combat with shotguns and other close-range weapons, as well as long-range weapons like sniper rifles. This is a great place to play a few warm-up games to get you ready for more serious squad games.
  2. Make sure you organize your loadout with your weapons. Setup an assault rifle, shotgun, maybe a secondary shotgun or a rocket launcher weapon, be sure to include a healing kit and a long range sniper rifle for when needed. You will likely be using the assault rifle the most so keep that in your first slot, followed by the shotgun to easily switch for any type of close range combat. It may take you a few seconds to set up or organized loadout but this will save you time during combat and make for easy transitions to your weapons and medkit as you are fighting.
  3. Make sure you are using a headset and have the volume turned up on the headset. This keeps people from easily sneaking up on you. You will be able to hear people running, building, shooting nearby, harvesting resources and even setting up traps in the nearby area, allowing you to be alert and paying more attention to your surroundings.
  4. In your squads and teams, make sure you are giving out good callouts for your teammates, such as "I see two at North 58, I see three at South East 257" etc. This will help your teammates with identifying where people are in the event they are nearby and can also offer some assistance.
  5. Keep up the building editing when you are inside one of your constructed buildings. Enemies cannot see that you are in the edit mode but you can see through that wall, edit a window or a door and make the edit allowing you to then start attacking the enemy player before they have a chance to respond to the building edit and where you are. This keeps you from destroying the wall and does take some practice but will pay off in the end.
  6. Hunt for shields and heals, even if you are still at 70 percent health, that extra 20 percent health can make a difference when you hit combat between life and death. Always try to keep your shield and health at a maximum. Take some time to leave combat alone for a bit until you can bring your health and shields back up.
  7. A basic tip but still important to always remember that when you are farming resources hit the blue circle. This will allow you to farm faster and keep yourself moving from resource to resource. This will allow you to farm twice as fast which means you get materials twice as fast. Thus, allowing you to get what you need and get back in action.
  8. Always crouch while using assault rifles. You will see most of the better players doing this and this makes your aim much more accurate. With shotguns, this will not be as big of a deal, but makes a difference with assault rifles, and try not to be moving too much. How good your weapon is will also make a difference i.e. a common, blue, purple or gold weapon.
  9. When using a shotgun and jumping up and down as you shoot, you want to shoot when you are at the apex of the jump, at the top of your jump. This will give your spread with the shotguns a little bit more accuracy, helping you to defeat your enemy faster. Always try for a head shot causing the most damage.

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Nine Great Tips To Improve 'Fortnite Battle Royal' Gameplay
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