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Nintendo Switch Won't Get 'Borderlands 3' — And That's Not Good News For Fans

With all the new game announcements, perhaps the biggest absence that's been felt is that of RPG first-person shooter 'Borderlands 3.'

With all the Nintendo Switch news that's been buzzing round, many of us had been holding our breath to find out which third-party games would be confirmed for the new console. And with all the announcements, perhaps the biggest absence that's been felt is that of #RPG first-person shooter Borderlands 3. Indeed, fans have been badgering Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software about this omission, so much so that when the question was posed via Twitter, he gave us this response:

I do not see that as happening. We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason. They have other priorities.

Credit: Nintendo of America

Sound familiar? This is something we've experienced a few times with #Nintendo consoles, especially the Wii U, which was void of any major third-party releases. Sure, it got Watch Dogs, Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City, and a select few others. Those few others, however, were too few to sustain a console. But there is a chance that #Gearbox could change things around if Nintendo is willing to open up to more adult-oriented games outside of the few we know that are confirmed.

If you remember looking through the list of announced partners for the Nintendo Switch, Take-Two Interactive just happens to be one of them, which also puts Gearbox as well as 2K Software (the publisher) within its sphere. While this suggests we will inevitably see sports games on the Nintendo Switch, and possibly games such as #BioShock, it also means that we could very well see Borderlands test the waters on the possible selling potential with Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which released on the #PlayStation4 and Xbox One in 2015.

The downside to this? Those who own both PlayStation 4 and #XboxOne could end up purchasing copies for those consoles, which would potentially impact the sales on Nintendo Switch and leave fans scratching their heads. Could we even expect such adult fare from Nintendo though?

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Nintendo Switch Won't Get 'Borderlands 3' — And That's Not Good News For Fans
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