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Not Psyducking Around: Joshua Dunlop Is Back With Even More Hyper-Realistic Pokémon Designs

Nintendo Fan Art

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Joshua Dunlop's notoriety as an exceptional concept artist, creature designer and illustrator of all things Pokémon continues to grow, with his real-life rendering of #Nintendo's much loved creatures of fantasy seeing a change of fortune for the London-based artist.

Who knew when we stumbled upon his work what was to come? In a recent interview with Red Bull, Dunlop expressed his genuine surprise at the positive reactions to his work.

"I wanted a subject to practice my new skills on and realistic Pokémon seemed like a great challenge. I had no idea how much it would blow up after that. I feel blessed that so many people around the world like my work."

Let's see what he's been creating.

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Dunlop is far from idle. His dream of being a #Pokemon zoologist continues to spring to life with his trademark attention to detail and fully saturated colors. Through his expressively captivating designs, the enriched characters practically jump off the screen.

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

As you can see, Dunlop's vision continues to be a refreshing surge from what most fans envision Pokémon to be. Further into his interview with Red Bull, he explains how he arrives at such a unique perspective.

"I always thought that Pokémon had such a vast and rich world, that it really had the potential to grow with its fans and deliver heavier, darker and more diverse storylines. Imagining these monsters as realistic animals has always inspired me, so it seemed like the perfect subject to tackle."

Mew and Mewtwo — In Space!

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

This surreal battle between #Mew and #Mewtwo demonstrates the formidable scale and power Pokémon are known to possess. Seriously, look at Mewtwo! He looks like a straight up super weapon.

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Mew on the other hand, has been crafted as a docile and, let's say it, angelic kitten floating through space.

Credit: Joshua Dunlop

Circling Earth's atmosphere, Mew's appearance removes any misgivings regarding the potential power inside. So cute!

Where will it end?

Hopefully, never. We all have our favorite Pokémon. For Dunlop, only a select few hold a special place in his balls (that didn't sound weird):

"I have a soft spot for Mewtwo, Lapras, Ninetails and shiny Charizard. I'm old school, but if I had to choose just one, and bring it to life, it would be Raichu."

Funny enough, I couldn't find all of these on Dunlop's Instagram account — future projects no doubt?

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Not Psyducking Around: Joshua Dunlop Is Back With Even More Hyper-Realistic Pokémon Designs
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