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Otome Before Bae

Because Dating Sucks

If you’ve spent any time on an app store and love Otome games, you’ve more than likely heard of Shall We Date, Is it Love, and my personal favorite that I’m beyond loyal to, Voltage Inc. These apps are seriously a dream come true for the ADD who think they love to read but we really suck at it. They have background music, choices to keep you involved, and fun images of the hot men in these stories. I don’t notice the squirrels when there’s a shirtless anime man in front of me.

I hold no shame in admitting I’m obsessed with them. Not to mention it’s a single gal’s paradise. I’ve posted a lot of the images I’ve collected from reading stories on social media and I’ve been asked by friends where I’m getting them. The first thing I say is this is how I date, because, well, it is. Let’s face it, men aren’t out for relationships. I’ve recently learned this the hard way. All they want is sex, which don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude, I’m just not someone who gives out their body like it’s a free sample at a damn grocery store.

Ladies, we all have a secret wish to be a little bigamist. Don’t you go telling me you don’t wish you had someone else to run to when bae’s pissing you off. Another nice thing about these apps, you have a handful of hotties to pick from. It’s like you’re your own celebrity. Not to mention they can call you any name you like, including your own. I don’t really use my own because it just seems weird, but I’m a writer, therefore, I have a plethora of female names I’ve already come up with.

The hardest question I ask myself every night after the girls are in bed is who am I craving? I had Riki Yanase last week, it’s been a while since I’ve read Mamoru Kishi, but ooh Eisuke Ichinomiya is so naughty. Mmm Soryu the mobster boss, Takuto Hirukawa is such an angry hacker it does things to my heart. Kenshi Inagaki is a hot sniper, but I might be craving an older man. I suppose that’s the downfall for the ADD such as myself. So many men to choose from, so little time before the need to sleep comes weighing in on the eyelids.

I don’t know about anybody else but I’m a woman that tends to eat her feelings. I also hate when people watch me eat, but honestly, who truly enjoys that? I can pig out on Doritos, chocolate, and vanilla coke without judgment. These guys don’t even know I’m eating. It goes vice versa too. Some of my favorite guys smoke. Anime strikes again making disgusting habits look sexy. I can watch them puff but not have to smell the cigarette smoke. I can just take the main character’s word for it that the smell of smoke on them is actually comforting. Though, I’ll be honest, hints of cigarette smoke on a guy mixed with cologne can be kinda hot. Just don’t let me smell it in your breath.

I ask you, why in the world would I put myself out there to some helpless horndog when anime characters act more like a man than a living breathing person with a penis? I know not all fellas are like that, it sounds unfair to say, but what else can I say when it’s the only type that approaches me? Until the right guy comes along, I have many to choose from in the wonderful world of Otome. Thank you Voltage Inc for your amazing stories, keep it up, and if you’re ever looking for writers, devoted and talented fan right here.

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Otome Before Bae
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