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A Review

Overcooked! was developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17 back in 2016. This game is a rather interesting cooking version of  a time management game.

You can either choose to play alone (and switch between two chefs) or you can choose to play with friends. Unfortunately, the game is limited to local play only. This means playing an online game isn't an option, so your friend(s) will have to be in the same room and on the same console as you. Once players are ready, you can begin the game. A cutscene begins with a talking onion and his dog. You quickly learn that the Ever Peckish (a giant meatball monster) must be fed so the world will not be destroyed. 

The Ever Peckish

From there, you go through a series of levels to help get you ready for the final level: a giant mash-up of everything you've learned so far. The objective? To finally fill the Ever Peckish's stomach. On this journey you will learn many recipes such as hamburgers, salads, burritos, pizzas, and more! The faster you serve food, the higher the tip! Thanks to this, it's important to stay light on your feet. Speaking of feet, there's a dash button (and a button that allows you to speak your mind in a fairly rude way)!

The level designs are truly the best part of the game, in my opinion. There are so many variations and tricks in them. Because these levels get more and more complicated, you must learn how to divide tasks so your kitchen is as efficient as possible. For example, one level contains pedestrians walking through the middle of your kitchen, while another makes you look out for rats! Luckily, you can see a picture of the level before even staring it. 

Single Player

As a single player, you must learn to switch between two chefs to make the necessary food for your customers. This can be annoying at times, especially if you're used to playing with friends. Chopping is the worst part of single-player mode since it's so much slower than it is in multiplayer. But, that's how the game keeps scores fair. If need be (and if the level allows it) both of your chefs can chop the same item. However, as a single player you don't have to tell someone what you're going to do, which can save some time. 


This game is certainly more interesting in multiplayer-mode whether you have one, two, or even three players with you. It's important here to talk to each other. Because of that, I assume it's far more fun with close friends than it is with acquaintances. But, then again, it could be a cool way to get to know someone. Nevertheless, speaking your mind is a necessity. I've found it's best to have a plan before going into the level. With the level picture, it's usually easy to strategize what to do. This is especially true after you've already been through the level once, knowing what to expect (rats, ice, etc.). Chopping in multiplayer is much faster than as a single player. And you can make it even faster by chopping at the same time! Personally, having three players is the worst number because it makes one side of the kitchen - you're usually split in half somehow - better than the other. Two chefs on one side and one on the other can be very stressful. However, proper strategy (or luck) is what will save you. Having multiple people to strategize with is also very useful, because they may think of a way that you would've never considered! 


Overcooked! is one of the best games I've played. The levels are unique and challenging, the style is appealing, the story is fun, and one last thing - the music is wonderful. The Festive Seasoning DLC has some of the best music I've heard. But, since it doesn't have the online capability I'd have to give it 8.5/10.

A Note From the Author

Thanks for checking this out. This is the first article I've written so I hope you liked it! 

Here are some links for the game:

Festive Seasoning DLC Music

Overcooked! Let's Play

*May not be family-friendly (swearing)