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Overwatch Is a Mess

Rant number 2 is underway.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland

I wasn't going to say anything about this game, but it looks like I'm going to have to. Overwatch is nearly complete garbage. Don't get me wrong, I have loved the game for a while, but it's getting to be almost unbearable for me to play. Let's take a little journey into why.

Nearly every single hero is overpowered—Hanzo, Pharah, Torblet, Soldier, D.Va, Zarya, Mei, Doomfist—do I even need to go on? They used to be fine, until the last couple of updates. Hanzo can Scatter Arrow every, what, three or four seconds? No, no, no—I'm not having that. All Hanzo players know how to do it. Scatter Arrow to the feet—"instakill." It's ridiculous and I'm fed up with that trash play.

D.Va's ultimate is extremely overpowered if positioned correctly, and sometimes it doesn't even need to be positioned right. Just fly up and hit the button and everyone's dead within a 10 mile radius. What makes it worse is her voice line for her ultimate is "nerf this," which is exactly what should be done. I'm not saying make it weaker, I'm only saying the radius shouldn't be so big. 

Soldier: 76 reporting for duty to mess up your whole day. He's the only hero that can essentially run, and he can melt anyone with one clip, unless they're headshots, then it's quicker. His ultimate is just an aim-bot. He's annoying. He can run off and heal himself before you can catch him, and he has freaking rockets. He's not as much of a pest as most heroes, but he's still super annoying and powerful.

Next up on the list—Doomfist. Boy, I sure love Doomfist. His Rocket Punch is on a, what, 4-second cool-down? Plus it's a freaking one hit and you're dead. Nothing gets me raging more. He's not broken, he's just overpowered in that sense. The cool-down should be longer, and the punch shouldn't do so much damage. There's a way to balance a hero without completely making him or her useless. I know Sombra is a definite counter to Doomfist. If he's hacked then he is actually useless. He can't even get away if he's hacked.

Let's get ole Zarya next, okay? Zarya has a beam weapon. It doesn't lock on and track like Symmetra or Moira, though (hate them). But Zarya's weapon can reach extremely long ranges and she does a decent amount of damage. Not to mention if she ults and uses her "Wubble Bubble of Death" you're almost always a goner. A simple fix would be to nerf the range of her gun, that's it. Short to medium range is fine, but right now she can reach what seems is halfway across the map.

Okay next up, Mei. Good ole psychopath Mei. They made her with a smile on her face, so as you're frozen because of her she is looking at you with the most maniacal grin and then headshots you with a shard of ice. She, like a couple other heroes that are not support, has the ability to heal herself in a block of ice. Dumb. That is dumb. Not overpowered or anything, just kind of dumb. That is all for her. She is the devil and shows no remorse.

Who shall we do next? The One Click Wonder? The noobest of noobs? Bastion himself? Don't get me wrong now, I love Bastion as just a character, but inside the game he is so toxic. Just plop down and go into your turret mode and you get play of the game along with a team kill. As long as you're in a good spot or Mercy is pocket healing you/damage buffing. Bastion is so powerful and sometimes can be really hard to kill, but not always. He's just a toxic hero overall. But what can we expect after all the cute guy has been through?

I didn't want to say this but I'm going to have to—my precious Junkrat (yes, I know a nerf is underway at the moment, but still). He is so overpowered. Random bomb spamming, two mines, a trap, a magic tire that can climb walls and jump. I "main" Junkrat just because he's crazy and I love his background and lore, and I'm apparently one of the few who aim with him and don't just spam bombs constantly and throw mines immediately. Enough about that, he is super powerful. The norm for most players is to shoot one-or-two bombs close to an enemy and then instantly throw-and-mine, and boom—they're dead in 2 seconds. Not really any skill to that. Then again, there are most heroes who require little-to-no-skill at all (*cough, cough* Bastion, Torb).

Now, the last character that is way too powerful—Moira (Symmetra as well for her weapon but, we all know that already don't we?). Yay Moira! Her primary is very strong and locks on, just like Symmetra What's really dumb is her orb to damage enemies that locks on and drains all of your health in two seconds. That is insanely powerful. Also, we tested this out on different maps in a custom game. But, we used her ultimate which is at least three feet wide and stretches an infinite length and can damage you from anywhere as long as you're visible and it is strong. All-in-all, she needs to be hit with that sweet nerf much like the very last hero we're going to talk about.

That brings us to the ever-dead Mercy—who's nerfed to death, and should be removed from the game. If they really want to "fix" Mercy I believe they should take away her revive ability completely. It makes it pointless to work hard to kill anyone when the Mercy can fly over and revive. Even though the revive speed has been butchered multiple times, it's still a complete game changer. Even Pro League players agree that she should just be removed at this point. Take away her revive, give her 50 extra health, and up the damage on her pistol when she is in her ultimate. I don't think that will fix her, but it's worth a shot to at least try. It'd also be better if she could heal multiple teammates at once. Which, with revive taken away, wouldn't really be too powerful. I mean, Lucio can heal multiple teammates at once. I was never a Mercy main, but maybe with some actual fixes she would be better. I think taking the "big rez" away was a good idea. Reviving a whole team after you've worked so hard to kill them is heartbreaking and can change the whole outcome of the game—but I'll end it there. I believe I've ranted enough about the game.

You can follow my Twitter or Instagram @oliviaa_lynnn if you need and/or want to discuss.

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Overwatch Is a Mess
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