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'Persona 4' the Golden Animation!

My Honest Thoughts on This Amazing Underrated Game


When I first purchased my PS Vita, I had no idea the endless amounts of joy and excitement I would get out of it. Naturally, after opening the package from Amazon I had begun to look at different games I could purchase. My eyes immediately went to Persona 4. Not only was it a mere 20 dollars, but it also had amazing reviews from the people that had played it. Usually PS vita games are a little more than 30 bucks, so I was delighted to be purchasing a game that was under the usual price range. I recently finished Persona (after literally 3-5 weeks of nonstop playing) and let me tell you...this might be one of the best roleplay games out there! When I had first finished the game, I was not satisfied with the ending I got, so I jumped on the internet to console an ending guide. After a brief reading of the guide I then knew what I had to do. Play the game all over again. A good thing about this game is that once you complete it the first time some of the stats that you earned from your previous play through will be applied when you restart the game! So it's not like you start all the way over, it actually makes the game a little easier. The stats that you acquire during this game along with the character development that comes along with it really makes this game unique. I really enjoyed building up the protagonist's stats, because when my stats were at a certain level, I was able to interact with other minor characters and also engage in certain dialogue choices with the main characters. Even though there is a set story line in the game, the creators of the game made it to where the player can pick and choose which aspects of the story they want to incorporate into their game play. 

Aside from the various choices for the main character to choose from, there is also a startling amount of character growth for several, if not all characters in the game! I can't explain how many times I have just stared at my screen in complete and utter awe. How can a game, a mere 20 dollar game touch my fragile heart like this? I think it hit close to home because I could see myself in each and every one of these characters. The message behind this game is something I think can truly relate to every single person who takes the time to play it. The battles in this game are also very interesting and fun to play! I really enjoyed leveling up my personas and playing strategically. The boss levels were also pretty entertaining and intense. I remember screaming in utter annoyance when I was suddenly killed. (An important tip I would give to anyone when playing this game is that when YOU die.. the battle is over and the game ends. It doesn't matter how much health your other party member have. If you die the game automatically ends, and then you have to backtrack a bit to get back to where you were).

Lastly, I would like to give a 10/10 rating to the catchy music in this game. I found myself humming along to the various tracks that would play as I explored the small rural town of Inaba. I think the music along with the funny yet somehow relatable dialogue in this game really make it stand out. I know as of now Persona 5 is out on the Playstation 4 and it looks a lot like the game Catherine in terms of animation style. I still have not seen Persona 5 the anime yet, so I will be checking that out pretty soon as well. In addition to my Persona 4 infatuation, I will also be playing Persona 4:  Dancing All Night." For those of you who don't know, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a rhythm game that incorporates music from Persona 4 as well as a short story line! I'm really excited to see where the Persona franchise will go in the future. I hope that you all stick around for my future game reviews! All in all if you're looking for a game that will make you reconsider your existence in the real world, cry over characters, and fight to find the truth, then Persona 4 is the game for you! 

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'Persona 4' the Golden Animation!
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