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'Persona 5': How To Efficiently Manage Time Restrictions Outside the Palaces

Venturing through this RPG series doesn't require players to simply enjoy battle, but also requires us to manage our time outside the dungeons.

The #Persona series from Atlus has long been known for its adventures inside dungeons as well as within the games' cities. Venturing through this RPG series doesn't require players to simply enjoy battle, but also requires us to manage our time outside the dungeons. This is never more the case than with the newest game in the franchise, Persona 5, with the player having to bounce around with friends, relatives, school, and even their part-time job.

Time management is one of the more difficult aspects that players will encounter as they attempt to keep bonds strong, their characters rested, and to gain access to in-game resources in a bid to move forward. So what exactly do you need to do to keep things fun and enjoyable so that you aren't mired down in every fight?

Don't Waste Time Sleeping In Persona 5

Spending Time With Sojiro and the Cat. [Image: Atlus]

When it comes to catching zzz's, #Persona5 is insistent, especially at the beginning of the game. This is one of the worst things to do when trying to keep up with friends. At first the game does require this, and even forces sleep once you start getting the chance to venture out at night. So here's exactly what you need to do: Only sleep if that's all there is to do.

Take time to read a book, make a few tools, take a bath, spend time with friends, or simply wander around the local district after dark. While at first you can't do all of these things automatically, it will become admissible later on so that you may prepare for the Palaces — i.e. dungeons — in order to clear them easily. Just remember — and this is important — don't sleep, never sleep.

Persona 5 Will Allow For A Part-Time Job

Time off work and chilling with friends. [Image: Atlus]

By any means necessary, get a job. I'm not kidding when I say how important it is for your character to work whenever possible. The biggest thing here? A part-time job means extra money in order to buy equipment and items for the team. So don't be scared to spend a bit of time working if in-game friends don't want to hang out. Sometimes even they will be busy earning money, so take advantage of this time — and find a gig that has some benefits to it.

Even if it means talking to that lady at the doctor's office who wants to inject you with any medication possible and make you her guinea pig. At least there are added bonuses and a Confidant standing for doing this. Plus, there is access to healing items and more. Other places will offer chances to make your character's room a bit spiffier. Plus, gear, gear, and more gear. Persona 5 is good about offering up an added bonus for spending your time carefully between friends, work and adventuring.

In Persona 5, Preparation is Key

Image: Atlus

If there's anything that is important in Persona 5, it's the fact that you must allow yourself time to prepare for major encounters. Equipment purchases, item purchases, and even making new personas will be important. Spend that time in order to make the most of each encounter that's up ahead. So here's where you'll get some time outside of your battles in order to better prepare. Picking up more powerful weapons and prep items are a big deal.

Make sure you're at the top of your #RPG game. This means having a character that's well rested, a team that's in good spirits, and an extensive item inventory. For this reason, the memory to craft will play a huge role. Make sure that what you craft provides an added edge over your foes.

To prepare as thoroughly as possible, make sure to also spend adequate time in the dungeons, so perhaps bring a book for the road.

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'Persona 5': How To Efficiently Manage Time Restrictions Outside the Palaces
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