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Playing Games—The Genius of 'Persona 5'—Relatable

My Thoughts on the Game 'Persona 5'

One of the greatest strengths when it comes to Persona 5 is the quality of all the characters involved. Ranging from the core members of the Phantom Thieves, the various enemies that you have to fight along the way, to the various confidants that you befriend through the course of the narrative.

There is such a variety in terms of personality that makes them distinct from each other. So much so to the point that there is a very good chance there is someone in the game that you will relate to on some level, if not multiple characters.

With 21 confidants to befriend, who each has an individual storyline, there is a lot of content to get through outside of the mainline story. More often than not I find myself waiting to progress through these side stories as spending time with each of these characters is an absolute joy.

My favourite character in the game is Makoto Niijima, the student council president at school, and the hardcore biker warrior within Mementos. Her story at the start, prior to certain events hit me so hard that I found myself relating to her more than any other member of the group.

In fact I found myself relating to almost all of the characters in the game at one point or another, and therefore made me so much more invested in the story as a whole. With all of this taken into account, the true ending of the game make it feel all the more satisfying when it comes around. At this point taking me by surprise when Ryuji ends up saying one the most poignant line in the entire game. A line that holds very true to the core of the game, and personally true of real life.

It is not simply the characters that are relatable, it is the situations within the real world of the characters and how they react to them that is relatable. Being in my final year of university with memories of attending school and college still relatively fresh, some of the off hand lines and actions really struck a cord with me, and made me love the game all the more.

Moments that particularly left an impression on me was how Ryuji and the central character were spoken to by a certain teacher near the start. Later on when Makoto is questioning why she is studying so hard, when she does not even know what she wants to with the rest of her life, after having been told what to be by others till this point. Finally how Ann felt with looking so different from everyone else in the classroom.

The way the cool, silent protagonist is woven in to the narrative is quite brilliant, providing enough moments of interaction where you are in control of the reply to your confidants rather than he himself providing a brunt of the dialogue. This allows you to have a stronger bond with the protagonist and immerses you deeper into the narrative, making you feel as if you were one of the Phantom Thieves yourself.

In addition the fact that you literally live every single day of the protagonists life for the better part of a year creates a kinship with the character that many games are not able to replicate. It only immerses you within the world that much more as you literally take control of this characters life and live as if he were you yourself, making friends and being in a relationship, with best girl Makoto of course, as you will.

The only drawback of picking the responses in this game is the fact that for the most part, they have no great baring on the overall story save for two or three significant moments in the story when it is the ending that are at stake.

These are the reasons why I think Persona 5 is such a relatable game, and why I love playing it.

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Playing Games—The Genius of 'Persona 5'—Relatable
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