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Playing Games—the Genius of 'Persona 5'—Value for Money & Personal Thoughts

My Thoughts on the Game 'Persona 5'

I have talked extensively on my thoughts on Persona 5 so it should come as no surprise that I have a certain fondness for the game. I first bought the game in February of 2018, and have sunk so many hours into it on my journey towards the platinum. At this point, 61 percent has been accomplished and there is a ways to go.

Persona 5 really does need to be played a second time, and if you are like me, a third time because it took me till half way through my second play through at 150 hours to finally figure out how to really play every aspect of the game to its fullest. (That could just be limited to me). Not only that, the fact that some of the side stories need to have a certain level of skill on your character to progress makes it significantly more challenging to manage your time during the first play through. So the best course of action is to max the stats on the first play through and finish all the story on the second play through.

Taking in to account the sheer amount of time it takes to finish just a single play through and the time it takes to get the platinum (In my case at least), compounded with the fact that I bought it from the Playstation store on discount, it has been money well spent in terms of entertainment. At the very least it has been far more satisfying than paying full price for a game that has four hours worth of single player content, incredibly so. As such Persona 5 has been well worth the value for money.

To get personal with the reasons as to what propelled this game to one of my favourite games of all time, come down to two reasons that are in the main line story.

The first of which came within the first ten hours of the game, just after meeting Ryuji for the first time. It was something off hand, not even a minor story point, merely a single line uttered by a teacher. It was during an interaction with the teacher Kamoshida, just after a dialogue choice. He simply said something to the effect of ‘you do have some ability,’ and given the situation that our main character is in, everyone looks down on him and does not expect much of him.

This moment hit hard for me because I have also been told the exact same thing, it was a few years ago now and at a crucial moment in my life when I was choosing between a life down the path of Theoretical Physics, (Of which I have retained none of in my head over the years) and the current path I’m on now with my ambition in film.

I entered the building for registration with the intent of committing an additional two years to the sciences, due to situation based circumstances. The individual looking over my qualifications looked, and while looking at the piece of paper claimed, ‘At least you have some ability’ and recommended a single year course.

It was at that moment where I decided to, on a whim, to take the dive and proceed with the literature based course and it has led me to the place I find myself at now. Despite it being years it is a moment I can still picture clearly, and seeing it in the game and the tone at which Kamoshida said it brought me right back to that moment, and made me identify with the protagonist that much more.

The second instance involves Makoto Niijima and her sister further into the narrative, and it hit me even closer to home than the moment I described earlier, and so will leave things at that.

Seeing these characters reflect so much of myself in the characteristics and at times treatment gave me a lot of hope, as seeing them overcome each obstacle allowed me to think I could truly overcome too, and grow to be someone better and more positive just like the characters in the game.

Reading through this segment again I find myself thinking just how silly it is that I find myself getting so attached to entertainment, yet that is the very reason why I love different modes of entertainment as much as I do, whether it be movies, games, comics, or anime. Personally, the stories that truly hit home inspire me to be better than I am.

These are some of the reasons why I love, and why I think Persona 5 is work of genius. 

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Playing Games—the Genius of 'Persona 5'—Value for Money & Personal Thoughts
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