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Playing Pokémon Sun or Moon Early? Nintendo is Throwing the Ban Hammer Out

Pokémon fans are finding themselves banned after playing leaked copies of 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Pokémon Moon'.

We're not strangers to the ferocity of Nintendo's ways to keeping leaked copies of games from hitting consoles or handhelds early. Pokémon fans are finding this to be the case when playing leaked copies of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon for the past week. How has Nintendo found this? It seems that they are finding people who decide to try and access the game via the online portion of it. Users with ROMs are the ones being cut off and this seems to be verified through forum posters on both Reddit, 4chan, and even Gamefaqs.

Luckily for many of you fans, like myself, will find ourselves done with our wait in less than 48 hours when the game launches through all major retailers. Those that got their access to the game early could be finding themselves indefinitely banned from the Nintendo Network. Many of them are receiving an error code that has displayed on their Nintendo 3DS handheld when accessing online.

Courtesy of Imgur via Reddit

According to Reddit, many users are finding that their access to eShop and any update services have been suspended, the even bigger downside, their inquiries on their type of ban can't be confirmed by Nintendo. It's best assumed that this ban could be quite permanent with the anticipation around this gigantic upcoming release.

According to news outlets, Nintendo has confirmed that they are banning people for going online ahead of the games launch. The moral of this story according to both forums? Don't steal games, if you want it, purchase it. If you do obtain it through the improper routes? Don't go online at least and don't make it known your version is an illegitimate copy.

While you wait for Pokémon Sun and Moon, enjoy the past titles.

While fans are undoubtedly excited for this game, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon have caused some of the highest anticipations possible when it comes to the franchise. With all new versions of past Pokémon, fans are finding themselves doing anything possible when it comes to the series to pass the time. Passing time for them includes multiple things ranging from fan art to even digging around for as much information as possible about the upcoming title.

If you haven't already, Pokémon has been busy celebrating it's 20th anniversary allowing for fans to grab ones ranging from Celebi to Victini so that fans can enjoy the Mythical ones from over the years. If you haven't been busy celebrating, you can start now, and work your way up trying to get all the mythical creatures leading up to now.

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Playing Pokémon Sun or Moon Early? Nintendo is Throwing the Ban Hammer Out
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