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PlayStation 4 Fans of 'Nioh' Aren't Happy About the PC Version

Many PS4 'Nioh' fans are upset at the fact that PC players are about to see the game with new and exclusive features.

[Credits: Koei Tecmo]

If you were to play the once-exclusive PlayStation 4 title #Nioh, you know that it's a uniquely layered experience. It's the one that can be deemed as a #DarkSouls-inspired experience through its take on combat and exploration. It's a title where the virtues of patience and the values of defense serve as important feats that gamers must master.

It's a game that is rife with Team Ninja's experience in designing difficult games. It's a game that, while uniquely designed, also reflects upon their past franchises such as Ninja Gaiden by incorporating many of its gameplay mechanics into their Souls-esque title.

Nioh ventured forth to display the studio's penchant for demanding and difficulty action-driven gameplay while offering rewards quite heavily based upon the risks players take.Until this November, however, #PlayStation4 players are the only ones whom have been able to experience such a title.

It's remained exclusive to the PlayStation 4 as a piece that was developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo. In order to expand the games player base, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have decided to launch the game on on PC Via #Steam, and thus ending the PlayStation 4's exclusivity for the title. In turn, fans have been reacting to it, and many of them are quite upset at the fact that PC players are about to see the game with new and exclusive features.

The fans aren't exactly happy about the PC version.

When it comes to the PlayStation brand, fans are heavily invested in their loyalty to the platform, and thus the games they enjoy. One such game just happens to be the one we are discussing and it seems that a few of them are truly upset about the PlayStation 4 exclusivity ending. Some even stating that they feel that mods will ruin the game itself. Truth be told? PC mods haven't ruined games when used to enhance the experience.

[Credits: Facebook]

[Credits: Facebook]

Some have even gone as far as to feel that a sequel to the game will perform poorly after a timed exclusive period on PlayStation 4. After all the, the game does say "Only On PlayStation 4" on the games cases.

Image via Twitter

Some have even felt that their past experiences with Koei Tecmo titles on PC will be marred once more by the release of this game for PC.

Images via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Some have even gone as far to feel completely betrayed due to the Alpha and Beta tests. However, even the PC gamers have a little fun to be had with these comments.

Image via Twitter

Of course the resentment doesn't end there.

Image via Twitter

Of course, the anguish for PC game ports keeps going on in the comments.

Image via Twitter

The good news? Not everyone's nearly as upset as these folks. PC fans are actually excited for the release of the game.

Some dans are actually celebrating the release of the PC launch for Steam users.

With every port of a game, it seems that some will rally behind the chance to see their community grow. Just as the following group of fans rejoicing over the upcoming release of the PC version.

Image via Twitter

Fans even continue to rejoice this newly released news.

Image via Twitter

Some even going as far to stating they will be purchasing the game once again.

Image via Twitter

[credits: Facebook]

[Credits: Reddit]

While some have certainly shown resentment for the upcoming release, it still seems that a good amount of users are also excited for the games upcoming release.

When can you pick up the PC version of 'Nioh'?

Nioh is set to release on PC exclusively through Steam on Nov. 7th, 2017 and comes with some pretty hefty PC requirements.

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PlayStation 4 Fans of 'Nioh' Aren't Happy About the PC Version
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